Kwest Reflect

I met Kwest while he was painting this. Nice guy!

Kwestreflect #1

I was sad because he was painting over the Metallica(ts) Mural

Artist: Kwest
Artist: Kwest

He said the wall was crumbling, and the old mural with it.

Artist: Kwest
Artist: Kwest

Kwest told me he only signs a mural when it is finished. There is no signature as of now.

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I’ll post an update when and if!

Kwestreflect #10

Pics taken by Resa – October 13, 2014

Toronto, Canada

Lovebot Invasion

They’re Lovebots, they’re “paste ups”, and they are all over Toronto.

Lbot #1

Here’s a 7′ (2.13 m) Lovebot with his 2′ (.61 m) mini-mebot.

Lbot #2

Mini-mebot hangs with the bike.

Lbot #3

This 7′ (2.13 m) Lovebot is cool….

Lbot #4

…. hanging out on the parking lot wall of  Stones Rhino.

Lbot #5

Lovebots can be quite sneaky….

Lbot #6

… hanging out lower down with greenery….

Lbot #7

… or running away below the brick.

Lbot #8

Yeah, there’s bad-boy Lovebots. Their insistence on being pasted-up in the ally can lead to urban scars.

Lbot #9

This Lovebot covers the black that covers Phoenix Queen  I believe it was painted by Shellac Attack. I met the artist during the painting of Phoenix Queen  .

Lbot #10

Tagger got Lovebots face.

Lbot #11


Lbot #13b

Good glue!

Lbot #14

Pics taken by Resa – Spring- Fall, 2014

Toronto, Canada

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Traditional or not, it’s a feast. You’ve got popcorn, pizza and bacon.

TG #1

i see fried eggs, hamburgers, french-fries, bagels, hot dogs and drumsticks.

TG #2

I see ice-cream cones, donuts and … that’s dessert! Enough food!

TG #3

Whatever you eat on this Canadian Thanksgiving, be thankful you’re eating & for anything else you can think of!

TG #4

Pics taken by Resa – July 27, 2014

Toronto, Canada

Prairie Girl

I climbed a fire escape, hoisted myself up to a roof next door,  deeked electrical wires & crossed 2 flat roofs.

Prairie Girl #1

She’s not perfect, but she’s worth the risk! I cannot believe I did this w/o Sherrie. I was dizzy the entire time.

Prairie Girl #2

Prairie Girl #3

She’s part of a graf mural, the best part.

Prairie Girl #4

It’s by Birdo and Wales. I guess she’s more Wales, but who knows because Birdo paints faces.  I’ve just never seen a Birdo  girl’s face except in Welcome to the Alley , which is Birdo and Wales, again.

Prairie Girl #5

Prairie Girl #5b

Fill in the blanks.. SE…

Prairie Girl #6

I’ll finish the insanity next post.

Prairie Girl #7

Pics taken by Resa – October 6, 2014

Toronto, Canada

3D Graffiti

I was walking along Queen W.W. and met up with this guy!

3d #2

It’s a 3D piece of Graf Writing.

3d #1

This is the weekend of “Nuit Blanche”, and I suspect that this is an installation

3d #3

It was raining. I did my best.

3d #4

There could be more to come on this side. I’ll try to come back, then update the post, hopefully with the artist’s name. However, it will be gone Monday!

3d #5

3d #6

Back around to the face.

3d #7b

Direct on main view

3d #8


3d #7


3d #10

Pics taken by Resa, on October 3, 2014

Toronto, Canada