Back in the Alleys

All the BGF’s & dog have been cooped up.

We stayed home.

Some restrictions have been lifted, under certain conditions.

Happy to say, I am back in action in my beloved alleys, and observing conditions.

Pics taken by Resa,  May 19 – 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Blue Tit & Arnie in Blue

Direct from Manchester, UK; courtesy of Alex Morris via Professional Moron is this fabulous wall art of a Blue Tit,  by Sarah Yates.

“This piece was commissioned in 2011 by Converse as part of the Wall to Wall project. Sarah Yates is an illustrator focusing on topics of environmental awareness. She is well known for mixing graffiti with graphic design and taking inspiration from nature, especially from birds, which are her favourite subjects, as we can see in this large-scale mural depicting a large blue tit.”

As a thank you to Alex, I present this garage door art of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I find the piece quite humorous, indeed.

If you have ever been to the Professional Moron blog, you will see that humour reigns supreme, which makes this the most apt thank you.

Of course it’s not all fun, much of which can involve Arnie & other famous personalities. Alex does fab book reviews, movie reviews and game reviews.

🌼Humungous thank you’s to Alex for the Blue Tit!🌼

Photos of the Blue Tit © Alex Morris

Arnie pics taken by Resa – July 24, 2019

Toronto, Canada

Arnie Artist:

Kwest Reflect

I met Kwest while he was painting this. Nice guy!

Kwestreflect #1

I was sad because he was painting over the Metallica(ts) Mural

Artist: Kwest
Artist: Kwest

He said the wall was crumbling, and the old mural with it.

Artist: Kwest
Artist: Kwest

Kwest told me he only signs a mural when it is finished. There is no signature as of now.

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I’ll post an update when and if!

Kwestreflect #10

Pics taken by Resa – October 13, 2014

Toronto, Canada

Lovebot Invasion

They’re Lovebots, they’re “paste ups”, and they are all over Toronto.

Lbot #1

Here’s a 7′ (2.13 m) Lovebot with his 2′ (.61 m) mini-mebot.

Lbot #2

Mini-mebot hangs with the bike.

Lbot #3

This 7′ (2.13 m) Lovebot is cool….

Lbot #4

…. hanging out on the parking lot wall of  Stones Rhino.

Lbot #5

Lovebots can be quite sneaky….

Lbot #6

… hanging out lower down with greenery….

Lbot #7

… or running away below the brick.

Lbot #8

Yeah, there’s bad-boy Lovebots. Their insistence on being pasted-up in the ally can lead to urban scars.

Lbot #9

This Lovebot covers the black that covers Phoenix Queen  I believe it was painted by Shellac Attack. I met the artist during the painting of Phoenix Queen  .

Lbot #10

Tagger got Lovebots face.

Lbot #11


Lbot #13b

Good glue!

Lbot #14

Pics taken by Resa – Spring- Fall, 2014

Toronto, Canada

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Traditional or not, it’s a feast. You’ve got popcorn, pizza and bacon.

TG #1

i see fried eggs, hamburgers, french-fries, bagels, hot dogs and drumsticks.

TG #2

I see ice-cream cones, donuts and … that’s dessert! Enough food!

TG #3

Whatever you eat on this Canadian Thanksgiving, be thankful you’re eating & for anything else you can think of!

TG #4

Pics taken by Resa – July 27, 2014

Toronto, Canada

Prairie Girl

I climbed a fire escape, hoisted myself up to a roof next door,  deeked electrical wires & crossed 2 flat roofs.

Prairie Girl #1

She’s not perfect, but she’s worth the risk! I cannot believe I did this w/o Sherrie. I was dizzy the entire time.

Prairie Girl #2

Prairie Girl #3

She’s part of a graf mural, the best part.

Prairie Girl #4

It’s by Birdo and Wales. I guess she’s more Wales, but who knows because Birdo paints faces.  I’ve just never seen a Birdo  girl’s face except in Welcome to the Alley , which is Birdo and Wales, again.

Prairie Girl #5

Prairie Girl #5b

Fill in the blanks.. SE…

Prairie Girl #6

I’ll finish the insanity next post.

Prairie Girl #7

Pics taken by Resa – October 6, 2014

Toronto, Canada