Other Mother Brothas

Slater Street, Ottawa, Canada.

OMB #1

OMB #2

OMB #3

OMB #4

Pics taken by Resa on August 03, 2013

Ottawa, Canada

9 thoughts on “Other Mother Brothas

  1. Hi Resa, Thank-you for visiting me recently even though I haven’t blogged for such a long time. My husband had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago (he’s okay sort of) and on top Ive questioned the ethics of what I blog and where my photography should be going. I sort of did a fashion type shoot on Friday, it was fun but expensive. There are so many areas in the community where that money would of been better spent.
    I love your graffiti blogs, Im so attracted to graffiti too, its a bit bizarre.
    Kindly, Adele

    1. Hi Adele!

      So sorry to hear about your husband, and I hope he makes a full recovery.
      It’s good to question where we are taking our talents in life. If you can earn enough money, you can help anyone you want.
      Graffiti artists, for the most part make no money, but the joy they generate with their public art is a wonderful thing.
      You will find your way! Sending hugs to you!
      _Resa xo

      1. Thank-you for your kind words Resa. I look forward to the journey, even if the ‘tango’ trips me up occasionally.

        The colours,vibrancy, energy, and passion of graffiti artists is quite amazing. Keep up your wonderful work. Thanks for the chat.
        My husband will be okay, thank-you.

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