Rose Reflection

Lousy taggers scribblers with no street cred, respect or chops have all but completely ruined this charming mural .

Rose #1

In the few weeks since I spotted it, all but 2 of the roses have been scribbled over. A credible tagger would tag around, beside or near the art, but not in the center’s of the mural’s focal pieces.

Rose #2

It’s a charming piece, and I have captured it the best I can without breaking your hearts the way mine was broken when I returned to photograph it.

Rose #3

Rose #4

I would have loved to include the steaming teapot, but again…..

“Scurvy knave!” – (Juliette’s Nurse)

Rose #5

Rose #6

Rose #7

Rose #8

Pics taken by Resa, on March 28, 2014

Toronto, Canada

2 thoughts on “Rose Reflection

  1. Its sad when taggers do it 😦 But at least I tend to look at it as a proof of that graffity is ART and the tagg is not,and that is difference between the art and vandalism (or just plain idiocy!)

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