Angel Carrillo

In the next 3 posts: Angel (AKA Cruz 1) has done an intense B&W Mural.

Cruz #1

It’s in a long lane running west off Ossington a few blocks north of Queen W., and it wraps around the corner. It’s a “Beautiful Behemoth”!

Cruz #3

I captured the mural right to left, as I faced it.

Cruz #4

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cruz #8

Here’s looking back from just before the Knight, which is included in the slideshow.

Cruz #8b

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then there’s a Che Guevara.

Cruz #14

I’ll finish off this side on my next post.

Cruz #2

Pics taken by Resa, on May 9, 2014

Toronto, Canada


15 thoughts on “Angel Carrillo

      1. great! can’t wait to see. Sat we are riding the last leg of the I&M canal, maybe there will be historical one or two.

        We will be in Dijon France shortly, I’ll keep my eye open there too 🙂

    1. I know, this mural is so different. That building was 1/2 block long. Between that and & all the details within, there was no way i could show it in 1 post.
      I’m so glad you kike it!
      Did you watch the interview? Angel is totally gorgeous and lovely! 🙂

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