Thank You Teagan!

Recently, Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene from Teagan’s Books offered free copies of her book; “The Glowing Pigs – Snort Stories of Atonement, Tennessee” to her readers.

Teagan thought that the the shorts of her magical glowing pigs would brighten up some of our days during isolation. As for me, I love love loved it, and am still basking in the glow. I have gone through my pics to find art of pigs, and return some of the whimsy & joy.

Above are 2 pigs painted by “Bacon”. Odd name considering the art is on the side of a vegan restaurant. I’m considering them to be the Siskel and Ebert of pig stories.

“Two Snouts Up”, they snort in unison!

Deme and Honeybell, 2 sweet and lovely glowing pigs, are the stars of the Snorts. They use their magic to do good things. Honeybell wishes she was as bold as Deme, but they are partners in adventure.

“So what? You have to be a good looking gal, to get to be a glowing pig?” grunts the disgruntled regular street art pig.

A much wiser pig, from a Chinese Zodiac mural, knows different.

“I think all pigs are wonderful in Teagan’s glowing mind. I’ll have to read more to be sure, but I’m making the prediction here!”

The Glowing Pigs stories take place in Atonement, Tennessee. Teagan has written  two main books about Atonement: Atonement, Tennessee & Atonement in Bloom.  

Find all links to Teagan’s The Atonement, TN universe of urban fantasies at the end of the post!

Besides the many other books Teagan has written, she engages us all in a serial most Saturdays. Right now we’re river boating, and participating, on The Delta Pearl. So hop aboard, enjoy the trip and check out some of Teagan’s Other Books by clicking on the Riverboat Steampunk image above.

“Tha yibida tha yibida tha yibida That’s All Folks!”

“I told you we shoulda picked the small noses!”

The Atonement, TN universe of urban fantasies

Atonement, Tennessee


The Glowing Pigs, Snort Stories of  Atonement, Tennessee

Atonement in Bloom



 And the Spanish version of Atonement, Tennessee…
Expiación y Magia –

“Does Teagan have any Cow stories?”

97 thoughts on “Thank You Teagan!

  1. You rock, Resa! You are always so generous!
    (And I thought you’d get a kick out of a friend’s daughter who named her pet pig “Mechoui”… kinda crazy…

  2. Resa, you are amazing! I’m tickled pinker than Deme or Honeybell by this spectacular post. Who knew there were so many pig murals? LOL, my little pigs are not surprised, although they are rather alarmed when they heard the name Bacon. 😉
    “Two Snouts Up”, they snort in unison! — you slay me! 😀

    I don’t recall having a cow in any of my stories. But you must be psychic to have added the elephants. Last year I added a Ganesha character to the mythology-mash-up that is my “Atonement Universe” of stories. He will be around once I figure out book-3. You can meet him here:

    Resa you’ve made my week. I’m sharing this far and wide. Grunt-snuffle-snort hugs!

    1. Yay!!! I’m thrilled you like this!
      That I’ve made your week, makes mine, chuckaboo!
      Sorry about the “Bacon”… but the painted pigs are lovely, and he is an “amazing” artist.

      I’ll go check out the link, snortly!

      Thanks for sharing this, and I look forward to the next episode of The Delta Pearl! Yay! Lots of fun here today! Wing Hugs!!!

        1. Oh dear!
          Well, there’s lots of flowers for them to smell!
          I’m a veggie since teenagehood, so that is another reason I love the stories. The pigs are the heroes. Je l’adore!

      1. Hugs coming back. I love being a chuckaboo. I am following your blog, but somehow I’m not getting your posts in my reader. We unfollow and then follow and see how this works.

        1. winI’m delighted to know you’re there. WordPress has done that to me so many times that I gave up with all the refollowing. It makes it so hard to keep up. I’ve taken a break recently (too many trolls), so that might be part of it. 🙂

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      1. Timothy Price

        We can examine you two from a geologic perspective. You are both creative and ingenious solid igneous types. And both of you combine the metamorphic and igneous qualities found in crystals of amethysts, other gemstones, and shades of opals showing off your beauty in any light that shines on you at any given moment. But you two also Rock like Rock ‘n Roll. “Rock on!”

          1. Timothy Price

            Amethyst is in Teagan’s latest serial and opel is my birthstone. I had to make choices in comparable gems.

            1. Amethyst has great calming energy, and opal is uniquely beautiful.
              Amethyst: Healing for the brain
              Prevents drunkenness
              Strengthens the central nervous system and circulatory system
              Relieves fatigue and exhaustion
              Relieves headache
              Aids in relaxation, relieving stress
              Opal: Opal’s brilliant colors relate to fire, helps manifest grand ideas.
              enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions. It stimulates originality and creativity. Helps to release anger and claim self worth, aiding in accessing and expressing one’s true self. Opal strengthens memory.

              Yes… I’m an extreme rock geek. 😉

                1. It’s the ruby, but I never felt a strong pull from that stone. I tend to like semiprecious stones, what stone varies. Whatever other stones (often amethyst) clicks with me, fluorite (particularly rainbow fluorite) always feels right, as does turquoise.

                    1. Agree! I have strands of Amethyst, and much turquoise. Seems we have certain passion in common! ❦🌞❦🌞

        1. You’re welcome. I went for my first long art seeking walk since March 25. I wore my mask, travelled with sanitizer, distanced best I could and got some fab art!

            1. Hovel being the buzzword over here! 😀
              Just kidding, in a way. I live in 135 year old building, so it’s not all shiny with modern bells and whistles. Still, I am romanticized by all of the old wood, mouldings, high ceilings and old tech (water rads, wall sconces) 😀

  4. I love the comments when combined with the pig wall art. Very clever and wondrously done. It makes me as happy as a glowing pig in some nice fresh slop. Hugs chuffing your way. Snort, snort .

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    1. You are so welcome!
      Teagan is the Bee’s Knee’s! Delta Pearl is the first serial that I’ve followed from the beginning. It’s a lot of fun!

      1. Resa, Olga and I have been following each other all the way back to my 1920s serials, my very early blogging. She’s a marvelous author. I think you would love her “Angelic Business” series. More hugs!

  6. petespringerauthor

    Way to go, Teagan! Who can resist a pig? These pig murals are fabulous, or should I say they are the ‘bee’s knees?’😊

  7. I find “Bacon” on the side of a vegan restaurant is quite amusing and the pig on the left looks a bit rat-like with those teeth. As for picking a nose, well, we all know that’s out right now! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a wonderful day!


    1. LOL!
      Yes…I like the rattish pig myself!
      I am amused as well, by the Bacon thing. He really is a really is a fab artist.

      Hope you have a fab Friday and a great weekend!

  8. Awwww…. piggies, Teagan, Teagan’s books and glowing piggies, piggy murals, elephants and a lonely cow… isn’t this a treat!!!!!! Glowing pigs would brighten up any day, not just isolation days! 😉 Thank you both and a big big kiss to a beautiful host! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Kisses back!
      … and you are right! Glowing Pigs would brighten any day! 😀 ❦🌞❦🌞❦🌞❦🌞❦🌞❦🌞❦🌞❦🌞❦🌞❦🌞❦🌞❦🌞❦🌞❦🌞❦🌞

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