The Fox and Lion

No, it’ not a pub.

The fox is classically exquisite.

The lion is graffiti exquisite.

Pics taken by Resa – December 28, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Fox Artist:

The Lion Artist:

This alley was painted as a tribute to Barry Luksenberg, who performed under the name “Feel Good”. At 24, he was killed in a motorcycle accident while travelling across Vietnam with a friend.


61 thoughts on “The Fox and Lion

    1. I adore “Foxy Lady” I haven’t heard it for years. Think I’ll play a Hendrix CD when I’m working on my new Art Gown, tomorrow. Thanks, Timothy!
      Cubist… that’s the word I was looking for.

    1. It’s not a planning, it’s a happening! The citizens of Toronto love their street art. As a result, artists are getting free paint and getting paid. Not bad, eh?

  1. I luv both styles! More Feel Good Alley images.. 😎
    Something about the fox makes my little heart sing, Resa. I occasionally see a fox when out driving. I know they are thought of as a pest to many. But, I luv them; their colour; their alert little selves. This artwork does them justice.
    As for the lion: Well; he’s the King! :)’

    1. Foxes are pests?
      Well, it’s not quite to that point here, yet! We have raccoons, rats, skunks and others leading in the pest category.
      SometimesI look at the pests, and they are sooo cute!
      Yes, lions are kings, no matter what.
      I suppose foxes are prices. 😀 😀 😀 xoxoxo

      1. They, foxes, were introduced along with the rabbit by the English – the fox (in the 1800s) for the traditional English sport of hunting; the rabbit was brought in the first fleet – late 1700s as food. The fox became a major predator and is responsible for the extinction of a number of small mammals. The rabbit caused erosion problems as they ate their way through the natural vegetation. This continues today! Sad to say!
        They are not in their natural habitat, and have the whole of Australia’s mainland (in general) to live. When you consider that Oz is nearly as big as the U.S. – that’s a lot of living space for these two gorgeous, but harmful to the environment animals to have an almost carte blanche existence. Man’s folly reigns supreme!

        1. Yes! I remember hearing about the bunny problem in Australia, being as that they are not natural to that environment.
          Man is to blame. His decision to bring the foxes over for hunting sport was selfish and ugly. He is now paying the price. Of course, soon we will all be paying the price for our gluttony of plastic usage.
          I sort of feel like doing a “reflection”on plastic. xoxoxo

          1. The major supermarkets, here in Oz, now have a ‘no plastic bag’ policy. We all now carry our own reusable bags… Yay!
            “I sort of feel like doing a “reflection”on plastic. xoxoxo”
            If the inspiration hits; I say – Do it…
            You know I’d love to have another ‘Guest Post’ from you, anytime! 🙂

  2. The first thing I thought of when I read the title was that you’d popped down the pub 🙂 One of my old locals back in the UK was the Lazy Fox, and another the Red Lion. Thanks for snapping more pics of fab art for us. That Fox is so adorable!!

    1. The foxes are a very sweet animal. They seem to have a bad reputation in some places, especially with chicken farmers. Still, they are CUTE! Wish we could have pet foxes! 😀

  3. Hey, hey, hey, sorry I am late to the party. You often joke ab out having to scroll down my comments, well…..I may have carpal tunnel after wading through yours.

    That fox is amazing. The colors, the details. Perfection.
    So happy I didn’t miss this post.
    Thank you for sharing this

    1. Aww, you are very sweet to scroll through my insanity. Lovely, actually!
      The fox is a wonderful work. I’m glad you got to see it.
      The Scroll…. it sounds like a dance from the 1950’s.

    1. These walls alls all have permission from the owners. 100% As a matter of fact, the community has chipped in for costs. It is a tribute to a very young man from the neighbourhood who died unexpectedly.

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