Buffalo Hunt

This mural at 1060 Selkirk Ave. was painted in 2002, 14 years ago.

BHunt #3
Artist(s): Chris Paradis/Dalton Dennis

Half of it does not exist, anymore.

Artist(s): Chris Paradis/Dalton Dennis
Artist(s): Chris Paradis/Dalton Dennis
Artist(s): Chris Paradis/Dalton Dennis
Artist(s): Chris Paradis/Dalton Dennis

 I would have loved to have seen it when new. Winnipeg has many murals devoted to our proud First Nations heritage.

Artist(s): Chris Paradis/Dalton Dennis
Artist(s): Chris Paradis/Dalton Dennis

Pics taken by: Resa  – October 27, 2014

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Murals of Winnipeg

24 thoughts on “Buffalo Hunt

    1. It is a very different style from today’s street art. Mural art tends to be less trendy, and this is from a bit ago. So glad you like it, and it has an historical depiction, as well.

    1. I know how you feel. I’m a vegetarian, & hunting horrifies me. Nonetheless, appreciate that the original peoples of North America had not many options, and survived as they could at that time.
      Commenting will clear up, I’m sure, but what a pain!

    1. Oh, thank you! Outdoor art is ephemeral, some lasts longer, some amazing pieces are gone in weeks. Perhaps this documentation will hold a socially relevant value one day.

    1. Winnipeg, land of 600 + murals, features a lot of art that educates about the history of our First Nations peoples, features their traditional art, and features both traditional and more modern styles of their art painted by contemporary First Nations artists. I’ll be doing a post on Jackson Beardy’s art sometime in the spring.
      🙂 I am so happy that you like it!

  1. Have always had great sympathy for native american culture as child I’d not be a cowboy – I was a very tanned boy because I was a real outdoor boy all year round wearing mostly only shorts – the shirts were for winterly weather in my head 😀 – the others called me a “redskin” – and I was proud, so the other “palefaces” almost always lost the games… 😀

    1. I knew you would like this piece. ❤
      You are one of the few boys who actually wanted to be an Indian. 😀 The game was called "Cowboys & Indians" on the prairies. 🙂
      Of course the term Indians has been replaced by "First Nations" here in Canada. I quite like that, after all, they were here first.
      Their traditional art is gorgeous & traditional clothing sometimes made popular by Rock Stars. I'm thinking mostly of fringed buck skin jackets worn by the likes of Hendrix.
      😀 "LOL" I could go on & on, but I'll stop now.
      ⭐ Thank you for your wonderful & sensitive comment! ⭐

    1. I’ve done several posts featuring First Nations. Some are educational. Some are traditional art styles or actually painted by contemporary First Nations artists. Hmm, I might have enough to do a page featuring this topic, and linking to all the posts, as time allows.

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