Don’t Leaf Me

Sath speaks on old wood, in an alley in Toronto.

Artist: Sath
Artist: Sath

Artist: Sath

Artist: Sath

Sath’s paintings can be pretty, humorous or fanciful, and he conveys messages one way or another.

Leaf #4
Artist: Sath

Leaf #9

His style is loose and defiant.

Leaf #5
Artist: Sath
Artist: Sath
Artist: Sath

I had the privilege of watching Sath paint this piece & being the first to snap a few pics. You can see his paintings on “Sath on Facebook” or on “Sath’s Website”

Leaf #3

Pics taken by Resa, August 22, 2016

Toronto, Canada

⭐ ⭐ Thank you SATH! ⭐ ⭐

Artwork by:


Sath was assisted by: Zé.

Leaf #1


26 thoughts on “Don’t Leaf Me

      1. Blue – Yes, true indeed.
        Dinner (and wine) – this could be said to be immersed in the love of art! Good for you; I’d have loved to have been a little fly (a rather pleasant fly) upon the wall; I’m sure it would have been quite a party! 🙂

  1. Very dramatic and powerful. Amazing work that these artists do from conveying their messages to the amazing quality – this one is one of the best. Thanks for the link to his material.

    1. You’re welcome!
      Sath is a really fab artist. He is also a lovely person. I dragged him home for dinner & wine. He is very sweet and intelligent. He came here for the Street Art Festival in Cambridge & stayed a bit longer in Toronto. I took 700 pics at the festival, and it poured rain the first of 2 days. I’m still working on getting 3 or 4 posts about it together.

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