Cambridge International Street Art Festival

24 Street Artists gathered to do their thing in Cambridge, Ontario.

Artist: Sath
Artist: Sath

They came from around the globe. 12 Graffiti Artists.

Artist: Dave Bonzai
Artist: Dave Bonzai

11 chalk artists

Csfa #6
Artist: Joel Yau

…and 1 cellograph artist.

Artist: Kanos
Artist: Kanos

White canvases were provided, as the historic city of Cambridge didn’t want artists to paint on the old stone walls.

Csf1 #3
Artists: L – Shalak Attack – R- Birdo

I get that. Yet, there was plenty of parget wall to paint on.  Hopefully, that will happen next year.

Csfa #4
Artists l – R: Mediah, Tenso 2, Dave Bonzai, Whos One, Hugo Medina, Ean Kools. Sath, Odeith

I luv that the Artists works were along the river. You all know how much I love reflected Graf!

Csa1 #14
Artists L to R: Mediah, Tenso 2, Dave Bonzai, Whos One, Hugo Medina

It rained most of the first day, & was raining when I took the above shot.

Csf1 #11
Artist: Ever Galvez

On day 1, the rain washed away all of the Chalk Artists’ efforts. On day 2 they worked very hard to make up time that was lost to nature.

Artist Tensoh 2 at work
Artist Tensoh 2 at work

In future posts I will highlight the artists, & if available provide links to their websites, Instagram or blogs. KUDOS to all you wonderful artists!

Pics take by Resa  – August 13 & 14, 2016

Cambridge, Ontario

Csf1 #9

Also, Angels’ kisses & many Thank You’s to Brian Price & Linda Daniher- Festival Organizers

& big thank you’s to all the Official Sponsors of the first


Csf1 #10
Artist: Shalak Attack

28 thoughts on “Cambridge International Street Art Festival

  1. So very colourful and what a shame about the rain. Glad you didn’t fall in the river while stepping back to get “that shot” dear Resa. lol. Big hug. Ralph xoxox ❤ #<

  2. As I scrolled you answered questions I wanted to ask… Thank You..
    Like: Is the first image on canvas, or does it only appear that way?
    And: The chalk pieces will last only as long as it doesn’t rain….. Yep!
    As you’ve said, Resa; maybe next year they may be given some permanence … Still, it’s a good start! 🙂

    1. There’s more to come. I really need more posts to feature the artists and their work. I am working on it a bit every day. I took 700 pics over 2 days.

    1. I love the dog!!! Wait til you see more of the finished art & the chalk artists & their work! The organizers have told me there is another Festival next year. 😀

  3. I feel sorry for those who lost their work on day one, it’s a wonderfully eclectic mix of art and artists. There needs to more of these events happening around the world.

      1. A month, that is impressive, you’ll be in seventh heaven! I will get to Sunnyside soon by the way my friend. I want to get that feeling for the idea we were talking about o so long ago (or so it seems).

  4. I like to see the styles contrasted like that. Sath’s style is more like traditional painting and some of the others were very stylized and graphic or comic-book like. I love them all — the colors were outstanding. I can’t believe they were put on canvases and not made more permanent. They are too easy to deface or destroy that way. They would have to be brought inside to be protected, I would think.

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