Hallow’een – 2017

I’ve waited months to horrify you all! My collection of skulls is second to none.

Artist #merakkops

I’ve got evil, lucky skulls.

Artist: Horus

I’ve got animal skulls.


I’ve got shiny metallic skulls.


I’ve got Yorick’s skull.


I’ve got a skull that eats skateboards.

And, for all you art freaks, here’s an arty skull.


Your skulls make me gag! Phooey on you and your skulls! You will never get mine. I sneeze on you!


Wow, what a fab Hallow’een!

Yeah, a total no-brainer!

Grrr, I’m not a skull, but I’ve a lil’pal who is a skull, and he lives by my chin. However, I eat cats in hats!

Artist: Blackburn

Erm…. howdy!

Artist: Blackburn

Don’t look at me! This whole Hallow’een thing has me stumped.

Pics taken by Resa – 2017

Toronto, Canada

Artists: Various – I have managed a few credits under the pics.

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All Hallow’een Posts are especially dedicated to Sherrie, Hallow’een Queen.

❤️ Yes, the same Sherrie! ❤️