Happy Horror’een

Come closer, don’t be afraid! I’ll only bite some of you!

As you can see, I’m quite the looker.

I live behind parked cars, and when I can’t suck blood, I suck tail pipes!

Yip, yip, AAAaaaRRrrOooooo. I bite everyone! I’m an equal opportunity gnawer!

Perhaps you’d rather be impaled by my pal up the alley? He’s an old friend of Vlad.

Deepest horror condolences to Tim. It appears an owl swallowed him! Makes me wonder what the owlets will look like next spring?

Pics taken by Resa – 2021

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:


For more Hallowe’en fun visit the Chicklets on Gigi’s blog, over the next two days!

For the horror of all horror visit Teagan!  She used a couple of my horror-ible drawings. She wanted to use another this weekend, but she has NO NET! The Horror! The Horror!

100 thoughts on “Happy Horror’een

    1. No not the cellar! Don’t be daft. Hide in the attic. NO…wait, not the attic. There could be puppets up there.
      Liz, I’m sorry, but there is no where to hide!

    1. Agree! When I found it, I used the excuse that the sun made a shadow, so I should come back on another day. Still, the 1 I got came in handy for Hallowe’en!

  1. More ghastly artworks in the best possible way…and I thought I looked rough! It’s not surprising though as I used to be a werewolf but I’m alright NaroooooooooW!!!
    And I finished my video editing and you can watch my “Horror Movie” later tonight when my saber review post publishes (12 midnight GMT)….it is scary!

      1. Hi again, the video and post is up right now and I totally understand the Time Zone troubles as I have friends in New Zealand and in the US/Canada and trying to keep in sync with all of them is hard! I feel like I bounce from one side of the planet to the other,

    1. Yea, the Scream face has been overused. Now, this tailpipe sucking face has it all, and very few have seen it!
      Been drawing all of the AGMs. Kinda bouncing back and forth between the next 2 posts.
      Will send some AGM Shey pics soon (ish) but..
      Got sidetracked, as I finished the new Art Gown! Been taking pics! So excited. xoxo

  2. Hi Resa, Thanks for the shout out. This post is spook-tacular!
    My Internet finally came back… although the new company suddenly became as unreliable as the other one. I think this house is cursed. Sigh…
    Maybe I can make the post in time for Halloween, but stressing out over my “lifeline” being out has worn me out. Anyhow thank you again. Hugs on the wing — bat wings!

    1. Happy to hear your internet is back.
      No worries about any posting schedule!
      We’re just having some fun in our sanctuaries.
      Bat Wing Hugs back at you, and the bat is wearing cat’s pyjamas!

  3. Timothy Price

    Do I give a hoot? Of course! Hoot! Hoot! I can’t think of a better shape to shift into, swallowed or possessed. Thanks for the mention. You found some great ghoulies for the occasion. The first woman’s face is very Dali-like with a little of “The Scream” by Edvard Munch.

    1. I thought you would get a “kick” out of this bi-pedded Owl.
      The artist who did the scream(ish) art is a tattoo artist. He also did the skull in this post.
      Oddly enough, he also did the “Single Rose” art I dedicated to Holly.
      I had 1 day of sun, since I started shooting the new gown. Nonetheless, there’s some fab shots, and I’ve been playing around with some lights Norm brought up.
      So exciting!

  4. Horrrrrrrrrrrrific…. terrrrrrrrrific and wow what a perfect Horror’een, dahling!
    Perrrrrrrrrrfect!!!!!!!! [I’ll let you guess my favorite character!!!! It’s a wild one!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣]

  5. Resa, what a great discovery. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I was back up in the artsy town in the mountains visiting my daughter this past week. The wall art is amazing to see for the second time. Keith

    1. Quartet? Yes. Thunder, do you think I could actually make them into a music group? I do believe the Owl plays guitar. The skull is apparently murder on the drums. The wolf sings with an unrequited passion.
      The face… I hear she plays the bagpipes.
      I’ve always wanted to manage a band!

        1. A unique act for sure! Should probably launch the act in Scotland. I’m sure I can get Boogapony to Go-go, if AGM Shey gets down with her.
          No travelling costs for Shey, she already lives in a haunted castle… I think.
          Can’t stop listening to Werewolves of London that Holly posted. AAOOO

    1. Lauren, I just know you are terrified! 🎃🧡💀
      Almost finished your book. Very enjoyable.
      I finished a new Art Gown,and have been shooting it for a bunch of days. I’ll be on Art Gowns for awhile, before I return to GLAM. The review will be the first or second post up, at that point. AAaaarrrrrooooo! xoxo

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