Back in the Alleys

All the BGF’s & dog have been cooped up.

We stayed home.

Some restrictions have been lifted, under certain conditions.

Happy to say, I am back in action in my beloved alleys, and observing conditions.

Pics taken by Resa,  May 19 – 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

41 thoughts on “Back in the Alleys

    1. I’m going out Monday, again. The artists are just emerging. Hopefully there will be some new art from the weekend.
      When they boarded up the businesses downtown, the artists painted them. However, I would have had to take public transport into an area whereI don’t live, and an area where there was really no need to be, as nothing was open.
      Now the boards are coming down, and the art with it.

      1. We are the same on this side. Bless those artists, they give to us, knowing that their creativity will be soon gone when the boards come down. I am so glad that you document their gifts – for that is how I see murals. A gift to our cities.

  1. Timothy Price

    The style of painting in the mural is really interesting and I really like it. Are you wearing a Porsche camera strap? Very stylish. I like your mascherina.

    1. It is a very sweet style of art. She does some lovely pieces and is know particularly well for her rascally raccoons murals.
      Actually, it is a Porsche key strap thing. I hang my house key and a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer from it.
      I made my mascherina from a vintage, high quality cotton, densely woven, machine embroidered place mat. I love the pink flower over my nose. I wear a medical throw away mask underneath it.
      Styles have really changed this year!

  2. Aside from your most worthy ‘Back in the Alleys’ retro (?) genre artwork that reminds me a comics from back in the day, your hand fashioned mask has that certain panache that is missing in most others. I’ve ordered an outrageous bandana face mask for Shirl but because its been made in a land far, far away, east of Dover it won’t arrive for a couple of weeks yet. It is thus that she and I still look like bank robbers in the threatening jet black variety…oh, if only the banks were open, what fun we’d have. Regards, TOF

    1. It is retro looking art, now that you mention it. I was just happy to find ANY art. The artists have been locked up, too!
      Oh thanks TOF, yeah, that’s my new summer mask. I was wearing a black hand crafted mask in the colder weather.
      Most people are wearing black.
      Well, if you do find an open bank, think of me, please! I could use some $$$$ . 😀

  3. Hi Resa, another great find with a great message. The limited colour palette, block colour and the style of drawing (especially the eyes) remind me of a Hanna Barbera cartoon (in a good way).
    The authorities in the UK are slowly easing restrictions here too so I am going to have get a Star Wars themed facemask ready for when I leave my cave! Good to see you getting out and about…and staying safe!

    1. You’re the second person to mention the art looks like vintage animation. I can see that, now mentioned.

      I’m doing everything I can to stay safe.
      Which means staying in today. It’s Sunday, it’s gorgeous outside, and I live on a busy street, between a beach and Toronto’s largest park. There’s a throng of humanity out there. There’s no where else to go: no concerts, no sports events, no bars, no Sunday brunches, no outdoor fairs or festivities. It depends where you are, but I’d say, on average about 50% wear masks and distance.
      I’ll head into the alleys tomorrow.
      Hope you’re staying safe, too!

      1. Hi again, I am staying safe thanks…I have to as I have a compromised immune system due to some medication I am on. As a result I haven’t left my apartment since the 11th March! But not to worry, staying in gives me plenty of time to design! I’ll venture out when things settle down a bit more. Take care!

          1. Wow! Now to paraphrase an Anakin Skywalker quote from the film “The Phantom Menace”…..”Now this is artwork!!!” (The original quote was “Now this is Pod-Racing!”)
            The look in Yoda’s eyes is so deep and penetrating, it’s just like the 900 years of knowledge he possesses. That is a phenomenal mural, thanks for the link and heads up on this. MTFBWY!

  4. Cool art, and the written message is absolutely one for our times! It’s an honest study, in that the subjects look well cheesed off, despite trying to relax, read, and being nonchalent – heck, even the dog has had enough. 🙂
    Love your flower mask, shades, and baseball cap mix. Very cool!

    1. Yeah, it is one for our times!
      Are you getting any time to relax?
      The dog is a great touch in this piece.
      Thanks, about my outfit…The Covid Look. Lol! Take care!

  5. Just an awesome wall art but you are the featured lovely here. I adore your mask and super size sunglasses, we must protect our eyes and they are perfect. Have fun out there, be super careful ! 🤗xoxoxo

    1. Yeah!
      Monday is hopefully a big day. I’ll be walking!
      Art supplies store here I come. (vacuum bags, expanding foam, avocados on the way back.. lol)
      Of course art is heavy on my mind.
      Whew! I was worried my sunglasses weren’t big enough. Honestly, I want bigger ones.
      My new summer mask (custom made by me)is very comfortable.
      So…. xoxoxoxox 🍷 It’s 8:00pm 🍷 xoxox

    1. Thank you, Dale!
      I’ll head out again tomorrow. It’s a beautiful Sunday and there are throngs of people out there.
      Not everyone distances, or wears masks.
      It will be quieter tomorrow. I’ll head out then. ⚡️💥

  6. An amazing and timely mural for these Covid times, Resa, and aren’t you stylish! Love your lovely mask and cool sunglasses. Glad you and your camera are out again, but stay safe, both of you. 😉 📸📷😍😎 💗💗💗

  7. What a beautiful mural, Resa! …and that curled up pup is gorgeous!
    But wait… who’s that gorgeous girl in sunglasses and a rosy mask [love it!!!]?!!!!!!!
    Empty streets left artists spaces to create huh?!
    Happy June, my sweet friend! [already!] xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. The pup is a perfect touch in that mural!
      Aww, thank you for the compliment, but it’s easy to look cool in Covid – Couture!
      Lol! Can you believe our lives have come to this?
      Happy June!
      I’m going to do a thank you to Tim for the Jeep and Spunk video.
      I want to use the sketch of you in the Cecilia Lionheart Art Gown. … and one of Holly.
      Big Hugs and Kisses!!

      1. Easy to look good in Covid – Couture? Seriously?!!!!!!!! I can tell you, from what I see, it is NOT!!!!!
        We’re gradually taking them off over here… except public places and transportation. No point when walking in an empty street… But we’re -or so it seems so far- off the hook 🤞so, it seems safe!
        I can’t wait to see that post and the sketches of Holly and me…
        huge hugs and love and xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  8. Hello gorgeous, its nice to see you and I love your mask-design! Very cool! Interesting style of Street Art, and I find it captures the pensive “quarantined-at-home” vibe very accurately. Beloved books and my pup have definitely been invaluable for me these months (I say as my pup is trying to devour my hair again haha, better train him a bit :P) Abrazos xoxo hope you are well!

    1. Your pup sounds just perfect for today! I’m half losing my mind, but quite okay with my kitties, drawing and sewing a new Art Gown.
      Abrazos xoxo, and I hope you are well, too! xoxo

      1. Ohhh, so lovely to knowyou have kitties around!! Love cats and dogs… such cuties. I gotta check out your latest Art Gown post these days, they always bring a shower of magical sparkles to my day! Abrazos sweet Resa! xoxo All good here xoxo

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