Eye Spy

I found this on March, 9.  It was the last time I rode the subway.

I look forward to the day I can venture out into another area of the city, but I’m not willing to risk public transportation at this time.

The parts with the eyes are. fabulous.

Pics taken by Resa – March 9, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

88 thoughts on “Eye Spy

    1. I will take care. I go out on crummy days, because everyone goes out on the nice days. I wear a mask & more, carry hand sanitizer and stick to the alleys AMAP. Who would have ever thought that the alleys are safer than the main street!
      You take care, too, LDN! ❤

    1. I will stay safe. I will only venture out on crummy days, when no one else goes out. There is almost no one in the alleys. The main street is scarier. Cripes, there’s a tent city of homeless up the street I live on. I wear a mask, my head and neck are swathed in a very cool tie dye scarf, I wear the biggest ass glasses I own and I carry hand sanitizer (70% alcohol)!

      EVERYTHING goes in the washer as soon as I come home!

      Still, I don’t go out much. Once a week, and that is mostly for supplies. I’m surrounded by street car & bus stops. The horror!! I’m spraying my shoes with bleach solution when I come home! xoxo

        1. Thank you, Dear Holly!
          Taking all of the love I can get!
          It is quite crazy, though. The virus is not going to go away…….. and neither am I!!!!

    1. Alright TOF ! That’s enough mocking of my brilliant writing skills!

      Unfortunately, dining out is off the menu for quite awhile.
      Let us eat art!

      1. I mock not, young Resa. That is one great line I’d love to own. I shall prove it…with your permission…in a short piece for a blog, no less. And I agree, ‘let us eat art’. Regards, TOF

          1. ‘Tis done. The short piece has been approved by mad Shirl and I shall post it tomorrow. A joy to write and a happy ending guaranteed. I shall credit you, of course. Regards, TOF

  1. I found @olavolo on Instagram. I recognized her work and found that indeed, she is in Vancouver as well. She reminded me of two other mural artists: Bunnie Reiss and Olivia Di Liberto (they all know and follow each other) which I follow on Instagram too. Isn’t the world small. And to think that it was you who started me on this amazing journey. Much love and many thanks.

    1. Rebecca, the world is puny in some senses.
      Art is an energy that draws us together. Sometimes it is because we like the art, sometimes because not. Art (in any form) is provocative.

      The street artists are all making their way around the world, painting it for our collective eyes to see. It is a wonderful thing!

      Love and thanks back to you!!!!

            1. I do…
              I’ve been over on Art Gowns for a few days. I’m working on a new post. One more drawing to do!
              I have a different Login over there, so I don’t see my messages over here.
              I’ll be here for about 3 days.

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  3. How wonderful to have a building covered with that wonderful art. I love how it has all those eyes incorporated into the design. I really like the lightning bolt eye glasses! An amazing find, Resa. Hugs on the wing!

  4. Oh my, what a fabulous lady! Love her style, gorgeous artwork. Thanks Resa, for always
    injecting such a joyful and colorful vibe into my day with your posts:) I feel ya on the restriction of movement and on wanting to remain cautious…sending love xoxo

  5. Wonderful artwork. I like the way it harmonises so well with the shape of the building; the windows and door, the triangle and circle air vent/hatch thingies at the top, and even the lanterns and small trees. Superb find and share! Thanks as always 🙂 Stay well and safe!

  6. I love love love this one.
    The artists attention to detail. I can only imagoine how many hours it took to complete.
    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

    On a different note: Tuesday is my big day Resa. Thank you for everything. You have been wonderful to me. One day was I was trapped on the island ready to give up. you dedicated a beautiful post to me. I will never forget that. ❤️

    I have one more post on Monday, but I will be gone for a while. Don’t know how long.
    You take care of yourself. Don’t want to return to bad news or you gone from WordPress.
    Please be safe. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Don’t worry!

      You have enough unsettled energy coursing through you, right now!
      Tuesdays are good days. Everyone is wide awake, Monday having been the back to work day.
      Wednesday is hump day. Thursdays are good, too! Friday… everyone just wants to go home!

      I have a feeling you won't be gone all that long! It takes an awful lot to keep an incurable romantic away from his love of writing, poetry and all the people he adores, and who adore him.

      I'm over on Art Gowns working on the next post, as you already know. I'm glad I thought to stop by and check on this post, where I find you!

      The post I did for you was pure on the moment inspiration.
      I intend to stay safe!

      1. Laughing so hard. Yeah, hopefully, the doc is wide awake on Tuesdays.
        Thank you for the encouragement. I hope you are right about being back soon.

        And if you stay safe, it is one less thing for my little heart to worry about
         💜 Hey, I found a purple one.

  7. The female depicted here looks super cool. I don’t blame you for not riding public transportation right now. Our buses are running with the seating spaced out apparently so about 1/3 of the people are on them. Stay safe xx

    1. Walking only, so I think I’ll be safe. I’m usually in the alleys. There’s not many people in the alleys.
      There’s also no homeless in the alleys. No one to ask for spare change.
      You stay safe, too!

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