Painted Tiger

Another find, on my way to the appointment that I was late for and had to reschedule,

…. is this gorgeous tiger.

 The tiger is on an old house that has been fixed up,

… and converted into a gourmet pizza parlour.

Pics taken by Resa – March 24, 2023

Toronto, Canada

Artist: is unknown at this time

“I got the eye of the tiger, a fighterDancing through the fire”


78 thoughts on “Painted Tiger

    1. Love this tiger!
      Thank you John! I’m going to get a new IPhone. The cameras keep getting better and better. Mine is old.
      Still, a new vacuum is first, and I’d love to get a new Judy!

        1. A Judy is a dressmaking form. It’s like a mannequin with no head, arms nor legs that you can stick pins into.
          When I make an Art Gown, it is made on my Judy.
          You can see Judy on any of my actual Art Gowns posts.


          1. Ah yes. I know them well but wasn’t familiar with the name. I have looked at all your gowns and remember that they were displayed in a way to show them off beautifully. Let me buy Judy a drink. 🍷 ⭕️❌ ⭕️❌ ⭕️❌ ⭕️❌

    1. Yes! The rose is gorgeous.

      Speaking of gorgeous, you and I are both “Whitby Ladies”. Daniel wants to do a Nancy Drew Whitby type tale based on a childhood memory of mine.
      I would be the Nancy type, and you would be the best pal. After all, we are both “Whitby Ladies”.
      I told him I’d throw it by you!

  1. I love this tiger amongst the flowers. I was hoping it was a house because–can you imagine waking up and walking out to that? But I love pizza, too! Have you tried the pizza there?

    1. I think that is why so many get art painted on their garage doors. When they leave home in the morn, they see it. Then, when they come home after work, it’s there to greet them!

      I have not tried the pizza, yet. We’d have to pick it up. That will be fun in the summer when N’s got his little sports car on the road!

  2. How beautiful! I love the images but also the way the artist bent them around the corners and door/window frames. How cool to bring such life to an old building (which is lovely too). Yay. Thanks for the great pics, Resa.

    1. Welcome, Diana!
      I just love finding the art. No wonder I hardly have time to read. Between walking around looking for art, sewing and drawing, time is used up.
      However, I’m reading “The Housekeeper” by Joy Fielding right now. It’s on loan so, I have to put a little pepper in my stepper. “Lion’s Scream” is right behind.
      I hope you are as happy in your zone, as I am in mine!

  3. What an amazing mural! Tiger is gorgeous and I love all the flowers surrounding her!

    1. It really is an all over the house beauty!
      I’m always impressed with how many artists there are. Yet, I’m greedy for more!
      Love to you & Hera!!!

  4. I think that leaveing your house an hour before you need to for an appointment is appropriate so that you can continue to bring us amazing artwork like this 😘🐅

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