105 thoughts on “Strawberry Fox

    1. Ear, ‘olly, I contest your statement. No real reason. I just thought this waste of everyone’s time was worth it. Oh! And I like foxes. Lots of them here. Cool pets too, apparently.

      1. I repeat, I thought you had become a mushroom. Mushroom…cheese mushroom…I’m so confused. A cheeseroom? A mushese?
        Yes, foxes are wonderful! They will eat musheses & cheeserooms, so beware!

                1. Perfect! Although the word …down… is mentioned. Will we have a ramp, or have to learn to skate down stairs, OR is it just skating in a straight line, but in a squat position?
                  Where is ‘Oron when you need him?

    1. What the flox? Who’s talkin’ foxin’? I wear black sox, so am I a sox fox?
      A pox on sox! Oh no, my sox are in hox. From now on, I’m at home with the lox on….. and I don’t mean the bagels kind!
      Now, if you followed all of that, you are as crazy as I am!
      Sending a big fat lummox to la familla in Graz! xoxoxo ❤ ❦❦❦❦❦

    1. It’s so wonderful! I found an alley filled with beautiful butterfly art, sponsored by David Suzuki. It’s going to be an amazing street art season.

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