Queen Victoria West

She’s an awesome Queen…


…but any & all rat graf is dedicated to Sherrie!


Don’t wait for her next post! It will be awesome.


I’m so happy I found a rat for Sherrie!



Pics taken by Resa- December 28, 2016

Toronto, Canada

I don’t know the artist, but it’s in the Queen West district




26 thoughts on “Queen Victoria West

    1. OKAY… so I’m not the best at rat/squirrel identification.
      Um… I’ve heard people call them “tree rats”!
      Lol! Much love to you, Ralph! xoxo ❤ <#

        1. All right…. I can’t tell a toad from a stool, but if you say I’m great at it, well then Perhaps I should consider a second career in biology. 😀 xoxo#<

          1. Ah, but you ARE an expert in biology dear Resa, not only with J&J but the wedding of the year between Drake and Sol. Cats and ceramic ducks your speciality. I bow before such knowledge 🙂 ❤ xoxox #<

    1. Lol!!! 😀
      I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about you. In my confusion, I realized the rat was a squirrel. I laughed out loud. I thought, well, let’s see what Nannus says.
      Haha. Okay, next zoology mural will (might) be correct! 😀
      Ty, I would miss you if you weren’t around!

  1. That squirrel looks a bit out of it. Poor little thing. They’re kind of like hamsters, but with a bigger tail. And they can climb stuff. And jump. So, not at all like hamsters.

    1. Hey, I thought it was a rat. Rat, squirrel, hamster… all look very similar to me. Who puts a squirrel in Street Art anyway? I thought it was all about rats.
      Now that I think about it, a good solid piece of hamster Street Art is totally called for!

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