Queen Frida

I start with a car roof reflection of Elicsr’s wall portrait of Frida Kahlo.

Artist: Elicsr

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907 – 1954) is remembered for her self-portraits, and paintings filled with bold colors & Mexican and indigenous culture .

Artist: Elicsr

I believe the title “Queen” comes from the idea that she is the original”Selfies Queen”. This article from “The Guardian”  Frida Kahlo: feminist, selfie queen, queer icon and style muse of 2017 is very interesting.

Artist: Elicsr

In 2006, Frida Kahlo self-portrait, Roots, was sold for $5.62 million at Sotheby’s, NYC.

Artist: Elicsr
Artist: Elicsr

Click on her name to learn more about Frida Kahlo and view some of her works.

Pics taken by Resa – May 16, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

This painting is quite old for alley art. Possibly 10 years. It has survived in a heavily tagged area.

40 thoughts on “Queen Frida

  1. I love seeing this Resa. I am intrigued by the life story of Frida and recently on Cinco De Maya wrote a poem in her honor. She definitely concentrated on self portraits , I think because she suffered such terrible pain in her life. Great shots Resa. Love this.

    1. They are great shots because of the artists. She inspired Elicsr, so he painted her. His work inspired me, so I took good pics.
      I am so fascinated by her, and am thrilled to have found this because now I have learned a lot more about her. ❤

  2. A year ago there was a traveling exhibit of Frida Kahlo’s paintings. The museum was overflowing with people. She was a character bigger than she could have imagined. Young girls wore flowers in their hair. No photographs were allowed inside. The exhibit outside was of Mexican pottery; not hers. I purchased her book of her life story. She was ahead of her times. Wonderful photographs, Resa. Have a great weekend …
    Isadora 😎

    1. WoW!!! Lucky you getting to see that exhibit! It sounds like a fantastic event! I’m sure it’s a wonderful book! Well, thank you, and you have a fab weekend, too! 😀 ❤

      1. Yes, I was grateful it had come to a town near me.I’ve always wanted to see her paintings.
        The book is: Frida A Biography of Frida Kahlo by Hayden Herrera. It’s a good book. I had to wait 4 months before Amazon could get it to me. Hope you have the opportunity to see an exhibit by her. Happy Sunday … Isadora 😎

    1. I’m a bit embarrassed to say I’d heard of her, but barely. I now admire her, too! It’s amazing what I find in street art. Sometimes it’s just a neat pic, and sometimes it teaches. Sending Hugs! xo ❤

    1. Ah yes, a bit of rap music in the artist’s vision. I took closeups of the chains, but in the end, enough was enough! This art taught me a lot, too.

  3. If I remember rightly, didn’t she a house with Trotsky at one point? I am sure I read that in an excellent book, the name escapes me. I really like the car roof reflection photo.

    1. I believe that to be true. TY about the compliment on the car roof pic! She is a very important artist that was not fully appreciated in her day. However, she became so. I want to learn more about her.

        1. For some reason it is giving me the option to edit the reply you sent to me, not sure what is going on! I need to get involved with more art as well. I look forward to the new gown, you always make them look so impressive.

    1. Thanks, Mary! Nice to see you. I just finished a new Art Gown. I’m taking pics, now. LOL, I painted on Tarot symbols on her. I’m hoping you will like it!

  4. I love not only that there is such a strong woman featured here but also that this one has survived a decade! You’re showing us beautiful pieces, Resa, and we thank you for them ❤

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