Maritime Murals

Kelly from Maritime Mac did an article on Sussex, New Brunswick.

Photo © Kelly MacKay

Turns out it’s the Mural Capital of Atlantic Canada.

Photo © Kelly MacKay

It’s so great that she discovered these largely historical murals.

Photo © Kelly MacKay

Click on the pic below & see the entire post on Sussex.

Photo © Kelly MacKay

Kelly’s blog is filled with wonderful pics & insights about Canada’s Maritime provinces.

If you’ve ever considered visiting Canada’s Atlantic provinces, you should browse  her blog.

Photo © Kelly MacKay

You will also find a very interesting trip to Africa that she reports on.

Photo © Kelly MacKay

Check out the carousel of mural pics to discover the name of artists, and/or historical relevance.

Photo © Kelly MacKay

⭐️ Thank You Kelly! ⭐️

Sussex New Brunswick- Don’t Just Pass Through



17 thoughts on “Maritime Murals

  1. These are beautiful Resa, some so delicate and intricate, the other bold and vibrant. Such amazing artists! #1 is my very favorite,it’s outstanding! Thank you dear Resa ❤

    1. Thank you to you too, dear HoH! I always put my fave pic first. Still shooting the new Art Gown. If the sun would come out for a couple of days, I would be further ahead. Nonetheless, I believe I have 6 outstanding pics, and I’ve only take about 350. LOL. 😀

  2. These are great, I love history and although I am fairly versed on western civilization etc, I know little of Canada outside of a few bits and pieces around the late 18th Century. This post was a great place to start. 😉

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