Stake Through the Heart

This graf sums up how Sherrie & I feel after The Jets lost to  the Golden Knights.

No words, but another chance tomorrow night.

Pics taken by Resa – April 22, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artist(s)

31 thoughts on “Stake Through the Heart

    1. It is a great piece of art. I was wondering how I was going to use it. The universe answered it for me! I’m a fan right now because The Jets are in the semi-final, and they are from my home city, Winnipeg. Of course Sherrie has me totally lathered up! Now, she’s a FAN!!!!

  1. Well you know I have to root for the Knights but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel your pain. We really need a boost down here! 😊 I’m pretty sure y’all will come out on top. 🏆

    1. 😀 Whatever, if one of us wins, we both win! 😀 Hey…. you found a cup! Let me look! Hmm, no trophy… The Jets are the 💣& will ⚱️ that trophy.
      I’m a nervous wreck!

            1. Mum’s the word!
              Try a real horn, such as rhino. Of course we would never hurt a sweet little rhino, so Mr. W. will have to contend with the entire beast, in Africa.

  2. Considering my expertise in national team sports, which is so exceptional.
    Because it is so utterly nil.
    I assume you are talking about hockey?
    Just based on where you live.
    I actually played field (read grass) hockey, which of course I entirely I sucked at. I ran around the perimeter of the game, doing nothing.
    The sort of thing, still to this day, I am excellent at.
    Ice hockey was the only team sport I was ever even slightly interested in watching on TV, because they were on ice skates, and they beat the shit out of each other, which impressed the hell out of me.
    And still does.
    No grass for these ice skaters.
    But of course, I am probably utterly wrong about two your teams, as usual. They could be LaCrosse players for all I know.
    They really couldn’t be LaCrosse players could they?
    I once said to someone, “Oh, can they play basketball at night?”
    He looked at me like I was mentally challenged, which I am, and said, “Often basketball is played indoors.”
    I was a cheerleader too, if you can believe it. I knew why I was a cheerleader. I simply had no idea why I was ecstatically cheering, “First in 9, do it again, we like it, we like it.”

    1. Yes, it’s Hockey Night in Canada! Although I believe Lacrosse was Canada’s first official sport, in the 1800’s before we were a country. We were the Dominion of Canada until 1867. So it is a valid thought after hockey.
      I totally suck(ed) at sports. Didn’t even make the cheerleaders. Well, at least one of us did. 😀
      Yes, I’ve heard basketball can be played indoors! 😀

  3. Or, that heart has handed enough of holding that stake thing and is handing it over to the hand. That’s kind of sweet of it, when you think about it logically.

  4. Made me think of vampires. LOL. Thank goodness I was able to find your site again, Resa. For some reason you and many other friends never show in my reader. Just wanted to pop in and see that you’re doing okay. HUGS ❤

    1. Now that’s interesting! You never appear in my reader, either. I had a major PC wipe out about 8 months ago. I got a new computer, but everything was new, again! HUGS!

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