42 thoughts on “2 Heads are Better than 1?

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  2. Perfectly enchanting art, with the bold shapes and bright colors. And your photos displaying it are really great too, Resa. It’s so big yet in a narrow space, you captured it well for us, thank you.

  3. I love a mystery, Resa. I know you will meet this artist one day. What I found compelling was the mythological aspect to this mural – the duo of woman and cat . It reminded me of the totem poles of British Columbia. In Park & Tilford Gardens, North Vancouver there is a totem of Woman and Eagle. I love our artists – they understand our need to connect with fellow creatures.

  4. She is mystical and enchanting, and so is her spirit animal. I think it’s possible to count 7 eyes? The 2 eyes of the lady, the 4 eyes of her spirit animal, and the 3rd eye of the spirit animal…(perhaps the spirit animal is a manifestation of the woman’s 3rd eye – and was originally drawn as this art piece from the perspective of the third eye of the artist??) so many eye possibilities for me… (he says having broken a 2nd pair of reading glasses in as many months!).
    Thanks for sharing as always dear Resa :)x

    1. She is very mystical. I hadn’t counted eyes, but it is definitely important in interpreting this art.
      Ha, so you have 4 eyes, but have had many more!
      I’m the opposite. I need glasses to drive, but reading, sewing etc… beautiful!
      I hate driving, so I’m happy!
      Thank you for the lovely comment! 😀 x

  5. So gorgeous and powerful.
    Love that you give these artists a window to display their art to so many corners of the world.

    You have a wonderful eye for capturing beauty

    1. Yay!!!! It’s fab to have at least 1 animal on the brain!!

  6. The talent of those artists is amazing. (And I contend they are reviving Art, after Picasso’s et al de-con-struction) 🙂 I hope they manage to make some sort of living of their talent.

    1. Some of them make a living… or a part living.
      Some of them get discovered, go onto gallery shows and more.
      However much they make or don’t make, every time I talk to one, they love what they are doing. Painting is a time of joy for them.

      1. You are very lucky to be able to talk to some. But then you are a “street art specialist”. Both are good: to make a bit of money, not easy with art, and to love what they’re doing. 🙂
        I always loved my work and I never understand people who hate their job and stay there… 😉

  7. Beautiul. Interesting how the artist chose a feline to join the woman. It stirs one thoughts. Was the artist telling us how similar the two can be? Or perhaps, the artist is telling us there is a little ferocity in every woman.

  8. Oh this is fabulous. I love that she has freckles — adds whimsy to the art. While the style is very different, the composition reminds me of Susan Seddon Boulet’s work. Thanks for bringing this lovely mural to us, Resa. Hugs on the wing.

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