On Murals of Belfast

Thank you to Frank, for sharing these murals from Belfast! I’ll be closing comments shortly, so head over to his blog with your thoughts!

A Frank Angle

While cruising the British Isles in 2017, Belfast fascinated me. In my past post about Belfast, I opened the post with the following: Belfast, Northern Ireland is beautiful, interesting, and gut-wrenching – and we were only there for a part of one day. On one end is the natural beauty, architecture, vibrancy, and history – and the other end The Troubles – what the locals call the Northern Ireland Conflict (1968-1998).

Belfast, Northern Ireland has a history of conflict – especially in the past one hundred years. Many of us remember the conflict from fierce conflict that raged their land from the 1960s well into the 1990s – a conflict centered around politics and religion. Today, Belfast is a beautiful city. Yet, visitors who have a sense of history about The Troubles carry a strange and troubling feeling during their entire stay.

The Peace Wall that separates sectors of…

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7 thoughts on “On Murals of Belfast

    1. It is nice of Frank. The murals are very different from the ones around here!
      I’m well, Lonely! Thank you for asking, and I trust you are well, too.
      Been working on the new Art Gown, and drawing up a storm. Both of those activities keep me away from the computer! ❦❦

    1. They are very neat murals, and definitely very different from what I find around here!
      Been busy working on the new Art Gown, and drawing gowns for Destiny, the main character in Shey’s new book. There’s gowns in the book!

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