Yellow Dragon

Don’t be afraid! Painted dragons can’t bite, even if they look fierce.

…. and don’t be afraid to visit some Dragon Tales”  on Sidran’s most interesting blog.

Sidran, who works with children in New Delhi (now that’s fierce!) sent us a mural from New Delhi, for Kids’ Month.

Thank you so much, Sidran.

Treat yourself! Blow this up!

Pics taken by Resa – March 17 , 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

This mural is found in Kensington Market

The Poser Bunnies

Poser Bunnies are found in alleys all around Toronto.

Artist: Poser
Artist: Poser

They are adorable & hysterically funny.

Artist: Poser
Artist: Poser

This mini-mural collaboration is in an alley in Kensington Market

1Poser #3

This cutie is in Graffiti Alley, Queen West.

1Poser #7

This corigated garage door is in a Queen W. alley near Niagra.

1Poser #10

CU’s & others

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Another Kensington Market find.

1Poser #9

Poser in Ottawa? I found it there, but is it really a Poser or a copy-bunny.

1Poser #14

Pics taken by Resa, September 29, 2012 –  September 10, 2015

Toronto & Ottawa, Canada

The Artists of the Pink Poser mini-mural

1Poser #15

1Poser #5

1Poser #4