Dateline: Delhi Street Art

Sidran from My Blog has done a gorgeous post on India’s first public art district at the Lodhi Colony.

Artist: Senkoe from Mexico

I’m only showing some of the art, as you should go over to the post, where

Artist: Senkoe from Mexico

.. not only will you get to see the rest of the pics, but Sidran has written a fab commentary.

Artist: Neils Shoe Meulman – Dutch

The commentary includes info on the art, artists and insights into Delhi.

Artist: Suiko – title: The Lotus

⭐️ Thank you, Sidran ⭐️

Click below to visit the entire post!


All photos in this post are © Sidran

Artists: Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni – Switzerland

34 thoughts on “Dateline: Delhi Street Art

  1. These ones are mega – birdo at the top and the psychedelic dude at the bottom. I think it’s supposed to be a meteor/asteroid (I forget why they differ – it’s a rock in space, that’s all that matters). But a friendly looking one.

      1. It does look friendly, yes, like a kid’s TV character. Asty the Asteroid. Mike the Meteor. Claire the Comet. Andy the Erratic Orbiting Asteroid With a Limited Chance of etc. etc. You get the idea.

    1. I love your Delhi Street Art and am very happy to share it!
      Hmm, dress up a wall?
      You know, I saw a documentary about how there are too, many used clothes in the world.
      There is more clothing than can be sold at second hand stores, given away or reprocessed.
      It has become another pollution problem. This is due to an overabundance of cheap fast fashion glutting the market place. Quality and care of garments has given way to fast fashion… much like fast food.
      I would use unwanted clothing…. with glue and paint to make a statement about this.

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