Go-Go Getso & Birdo!

Birdo & Getso painted this board fence wrapping a high-rise construction site.

Artists: Birdo & Getso

It wraps 2 sides. I started at the west end where a Birdo horse lives in a lime green circle.

Artists: Birdo & Getso

There are 3 abstracts, all in colorful circles, following to the east..

Artists: Birdo & Getso

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Then there’s a cute…raccoon? with different size ears.

Artists: Birdo & Getso

Followed by 3 more abstracts.

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Where it turns the corner, there’s a cute …. donkey?? or Kangaroo?? with different size ears.

Artists: Birdo & Getso

Five more abstracts run along the north to south boards.

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The final Birdo is gorgeous!

Artists: Birdo & Getso

Pics taken by Resa – April 22, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

Judging from its condition, the barrier seems to have been there awhile. It feels like a piece or 2 were missing.

22 thoughts on “Go-Go Getso & Birdo!

  1. Fantastic art by: Birdo & Getso.

    I love the racoon and the birdy. Everything is brilliant. Lots of detail and the contract is brightly done well. 🙂

    Resa, I commented on your Art gowns blog. The tarot/mythology gowns are amazing and wow! go and read the comment I left. 🙂 Resa, I miss you and hope all is well with you. How have you been? Sorry, for my absence. I’ve been editing my 2nd book and I start a new job next Monday. 🙂

    1. Isn’t it wonderful that we get to look at art instead of ads or tags on a construction wall?
      It’s a wonderful thing! 😀
      I’m fine, and awaiting your next poem. I’ve read your comment on Art Gowns. It’s LOVELY!!!
      Glad to hear you are editing your second book. I would love to review it here on GLaM.
      Good luck with the next job. I hope it works out for you, and as of now, you are 1/2 way into your first week. Sending love to you and all you love! _Resa x

  2. It would be fun if the developer sold or auctioned those off and donated the proceeds to a community project. The building is almost done, so the artwork won’t be there for long.

    1. This is an interesting comment, as I believe there is a market out there for street art, that is bought to bring into the home. When Banksy came to Toronto, people stole it all, even if they had to cut a piece of a brick building out, or remove a door.

    1. You’re welcome! It was such an unusual and unexpected find! I’ve met both Birdo & Getso. They are adorable, as is the animal & other art they create!

    1. Oh my! I remember that home run. We love our Blue Jays! Sigh & lol, I’ve been hoarding Blue Jays street art for 4years, waiting for that great season when they get into the Pennant position.

  3. Carolee Croft

    The horse made me laugh, it’s so funny looking, as did the donkey/kangaroo, especially with your commentary. These are so cute!!!

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