1st Nations + Street Art = Kids

Cash Akoza has taken First Nations style art to a new horizon.

Artist: Cash Akoza

In an older, drab area of Winnipeg, Cash has added color and theme & brightened it up for all the kids who live there.

Artist: Cash Akoza

There are 5 painted walls, all in small area between a street and an alley. It’s a place where a lot of kids live. This one of the walls.

Artist: Cash Akoza

Click on the above pic to see the mural in all its glory, and it is glorious!

Artist: Cash Akoza
Artist: Cash Akoza


Artist: Cash Akoza


Pics taken by Resa – October 30, 2016

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Artist: Cash Akoza
Artist: Cash Akoza



I sent a book in!

34 thoughts on “1st Nations + Street Art = Kids

    1. I’ll eventually show all of the pieces in this little area. I thought of Kids’ Month the moment I laid eyes on it. How could I not have a KM, when I keep finding Street Art for them. Later, tonight is a wolf from a garage door here.
      Christy B. wrote a poem for KM using it. I’ll reblog!
      I feel like a kid in a candy store!

    1. It is interesting how the aboriginal arts resemble each other, from Canada’s First Nations, to American First Nations, to Aztec, to Mayan, to Inca inspired.
      It seems many artists are now creating a new art to all of this inspiration. I just love it! 😀 x 😀

        1. I agree, Charlie! I shudder to think of life without creative expression. I suppose that would be mere existence.
          You have a lovely mind, my friend!

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