SATH – Art Angel: Just Ask the Kids

“I’m sure that art can transform spaces but also people!” -SATH

Photo: Antolín Avezuela

Above: “Team work! Wall in progress for Greenpeace Thailand.”

Below, the finished product: “Windmill is a project for Greenpeace during Wonderfruit festival, in Thailand, February, 2017.”

Artist: SATH & children -Windmill

When I first met SATH, he was involved in a project, SOM-RIU This is a  participatory mural project to aid people with intellectual disabilities at the Joan Mesquida Special Education Center, located in Manacor (Mallorca).

Artist: SATH & students – Som-Riu Project

This project continues, and here is the latest mural.

Artist: SATH & students – Som-Riu Project

“I present to you Caterina Infante, the student chosen by a raffle to be portrayed during the project Som-Riu of this edition. As always, a pleasure to share time and colors with the students.”

Artist: SATH

Above: “Student” painted in 2016, This girl welcomes you when you get into the office of Save the Children Thailand.

Below:  SATH got married in the summer of 2016. Check out his proposal!

Artist: SATH – Photo © SATH

When I asked him where this was he said:  “In front of my parents house! “ Click on the pic to read an article on SATH’s most unique proposal.

 Sath says: “I just moved back with my wife to Mallorca, my island in Spain. I will miss Bangkok but I’m really excited for the new projects here.”

Artist: SATH

So, what does SATH do when he gets back to Spain, he paints a child titled “Want to fly” at “Saladina art fest, in Mallorca.”    ‘

His sense of humor follows his dedication to children’s & human causes.  As seen in –  Monkey business | 2016 – I hate Mondays.

Artist: SATH


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“Cheetah” on a tote

SATH, an acronym for Sandro Thomàs, is not just an amazing artist, he is a wonderful person.  The world needs a lot more SATHs. You’ll want to visit  SATH on FaceBook or on SATH’s Website


❤️ These 3 videos from Som-Riu will melt the “cockles of your heart” ❤️ They are about 3 minutes each.

Header Image: Bi-polar bear | 2015 – Thailand

Artists: SATH and Mauy

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