A Grain of Sand

Brenda’s Fairytales & poems are the best. She has been an inspiration for me during Kids’ Month on GLaM. Check out this gem!

Friendly Fairy Tales

Boy making a sandcastle on turtle-back Used by Permission of Artist Sath

Children dig sandcastles,
atop the swimming World Turtle,
until the tide smoothes the canvas.
Worlds change, drift out of time,
afloat currents ever moving
from ancient times, like thoughts,
like words or art, like life itself.
We swim in rainbow-hued oceans with the
World Turtle and sift ideas like sand.
Each sparkling grain holds a child’s song,
a collision of stars, a galaxy of possibility.
The oldest tree was born in prehistory.
Its innermost ring is the world’s oldest writing.
Its roots entwine eternity, holding it fast,
watching us blink in and out like candles.
Although we shed our light briefly,
we are part of the world’s ebb and flow,
and all things that come after
will find our sand, our songs, our stars
still living, infinite and immortal.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: I reference William Blake’s famous quatrain:

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand 
And a Heaven in a Wild…

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11 thoughts on “A Grain of Sand

    1. OMG! The poem is marvelous.
      SATH sent me an email. He is very impressed, honored and moved by the poem. He asked me to pass this message on to you!
      I think he would let you write anything to any of his pieces. xoxo

      1. I am honored and moved in my turn by his trust in me. And many, many people commented on how wonderful his art was. I hope he saw that, too. I hope his project succeeds. I noticed the amounts donated had climbed.

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