Painted Lady

Ralph! Sherrie found a painted lady for you in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Photo © Sherrie Yager
Photo © Sherrie Yager

Although your cats advertised for a “A Caring Woman”, I am a Graf blog. So.  I offered a “painted woman”.

Photo © Sherrie Yager
Photo © Sherrie Yager

I know you thought I should be the painted woman, but no one wants to paint me on a wall.

Photo © Sherrie Yager
Photo © Sherrie Yager

 Anyway, just want you to know we are out here thinking fondly about you & S&S. Here’s a different painted lady!

Dedicated to Ralph at Bluefish Way

 Pics taken by Sherrie Yager –  September 27, 2015

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

⭐ THANK YOU SHERRIE (my favorite)! ⭐

18 thoughts on “Painted Lady

  1. Awww ! How sweet of you to dedicate this post to me dear Resa. Thank you so much for thinking of me and S&S. I have bookmarked this so I can revisit in the future. Also thank you Sherrie for taking these great photos.

    Shame you were not on the wall dear friend. Maybe next time 😉

    The top one looks like she needs a warm hug, or maybe she is related to the Smurfs ? 😉

    Warm hugs for you dear Resa. With love. Ralph xoxox ❤ ❤ #< #<

    1. So glad you like the post! Maybe the green woman is related to the Jolly Green Giant? Anyway, she’s gorgeous, and so are your cats!
      You’re pretty sweet yourself, Ralph! Have a great weekend!
      xoxo ❤ ❤ #<

      1. I loved the post my friend. Oh, she’s green, not blue, probably envious of you talking to me dear Resa 😉 lol
        My two say hi to your two cats. Have a lovely weekend yourself. xoxox ❤ #< ❤

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