Ste J in Boston

Ste J from Book to the Future sent us a mural from Boston.

SteB #5
Photo © Steve Johnson

“I found this one at the rear of the Symphony Hall which was just a short walk from where I was staying.”

SteB #1
Photo © Steve Johnson

“I didn’t get up early enough to beat the cars but it makes me happy that people see this mural everyday and is easily visible from the road as well.”

SteB #7
Photo © Steve Johnson

“It’s a wonderful piece this showing a variety of people and a real feeling of culture.”

SteB #3
Photo © Steve Johnson

“Music has a timeless feel and the power to move us, just like a good mural! I love the mixing of cultures it, provides a powerful statement about the universality of music.”

SteB #4
Photo © Steve Johnson

Ste J writes really great book reviews, some film reviews & once in a while a game review.

 Pics taken by Steve Johnson  –  June – 2016

Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

⭐ THANK YOU Ste J ! ⭐

There is no one I have ever met who loves books as much as Ste J, and I love that he finds a mural of writers when he finds a bookstore.

Click on the pic for a really great look at the authors!

SteB #6
Photo © Steve Johnson

Ste J writes:

“What could be better than browsing outside in the heat under the names of famous authors. If it is not enough to inspire, it also doubles as a reading list as well and if I may, I shall push you towards Italo Calvino and in particular Invisible Cities which is a wonderful book full of imagery and and magic.

43 thoughts on “Ste J in Boston

    1. Yes! As soon as I answer the comments, I will put on my red shoes & dance in the streets to a mural I saw a few days ago.
      Thank you for such a lovely comment, Laurent!

  1. Reblogged this on Book to the Future and commented:
    Making quite a team, once again I will kindly ask you to pop over to Resa’s blog to see a mural I noticed whilst wandering the streets.

    Resa is just finishing up work on the TV show Sensitive Skin season 2 for all you TV buffs out there.

    1. TY for the reblog!
      Actually, Sensitive Skin II is now airing in several countries, including the UK. I’m finishing up another series with the same company that produced SS II. Whatever, it’s nice to be near the end of a shoot! 😀

    1. It seems right to post this fab mural from Boston while your trip is still a fresh experience. You found a great work of street art. Write away, friend!

    1. I’m good, and almost ready to go home. Hope you are doing well, too! Ste J has a cool blog, and I always love it when he sends in a mural or street art. I love all submissions I get from anyone. xo

        1. Yes, I am taking submissions. I’m a bit behind posting, so it could take a bit of time to post. Summer is a busy time, and I’m headed to a Street Art Festival! Yahoo!

          1. OK, great. No worries about taking time with the post as I’m totally behind in the blog world. I’ll look for the photos over the next week and email you when/if I find them 😉 Have fun at the festival!!

  2. Love these, Resa; there’s a beauty in them that the sepia-like treatment enhances beautifully. Well done to Ste J for their capture.
    And well done to you, Miss Artist’s Friend extraordinaire.. 🙂

  3. “I didn’t get up early enough to beat the cars but it makes me happy that people see this mural everyday and is easily visible from the road as well.”

    John Cleese did !

    Big hug. Ralph xoxox ❤ #<

  4. Truly beautiful murals, Resa, and heartwarming to see this artwork embracing art and diverse cultures. Every time I see artistic murals (in SFran) I think of you…thank you for opening my eyes to it.

  5. Resa, these are fabulous! Steve Johnson does a good job with both the symphony mural and the famous authors. I do love outdoor art. The first picture especially caught my eye because that is Seiji Ozawa who conducted the Boston Symphony for years. I heard him conduct and he is brilliant. The artist was very skilled. I recognized him immediately.

    1. Thank you, Brenda! I thought he looked familiar.Now that you have shed the light on his face, I must agree that it is a very well done portrait!

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