Psychedelic Psilocybin

I’ve only ever posted 3 other commercial murals, street art that is advertising something.

One is a mural on a local restaurant. Jimi and Jimmy, is an inside mural in a local coffee place. The third was a SONY ad for Camila Cabello’s album “Liar”. There is some sneaky street art around, looks fab, but then you notice a logo on a bag, t, or box somewhere in the piece.

This one, in an alley by a parking lot is advertising “Beatrice Society Inc.” I didn’t know what that was when I shot this. However, I love faces, and am fascinated by the technique.

It is on a dense screen, in 2 halves. Upon second & third looks, I could see brick and windows through it.

Of course I looked it up when I got home. It says“Your Trusted Source for Navigating the World of Alternative Therapies & Functional Adaptogens”. One article is titled “The Science of Treating Brain Injuries With Psilocybin”. They seem to use a lot of mushrooms, psychedelic plants and fungi.

Pics taken by Resa – March 9, 2022

Toronto, Canada

Should you want to see the 3 other fake street art pieces, use the categories scroller  near the end of the bottom footer, and select Commercial Murals.

106 thoughts on “Psychedelic Psilocybin

  1. Timothy Price

    It’s a nicely done ad. It’s interesting how there is more use of psychedelics for treatment of brain injuries and also for productivity in jobs like computer programming. Psychedelics obviously help with the creative side of things.

    1. It is well done.
      Actually, I had heard of people working in tech using psychedelics. Now that you remind me.
      It seems psychedelics might be more useful than certain commercial drugs, for certain issues. Marijuana has properties that help a variety of ailments, providing one uses the correct property of the plant for what is at issue.
      Pills/medications seem to be the most proliferous ads on tv. The list of side effects blows me away. Makes me wonder if the side effects aren’t worse than the illness.
      Can natural approaches be worse?

      OMG…. thought of you this morning. I saw a news clip about raging wild fires in New Mexico.
      I’m worried about you, Laurie, the kitties, birds and snake!

      1. Timothy Price

        None of the fires are near where we are. There are a lot of fires burning in New Mexico and Arizona right now. It’s super dry and we’ve had a lot of wind.

          1. Timothy Price

            Nature knows no bounds or balance. The Fire Department trucks are prowling the levee. The bosque would burn really well right now.

    1. Thanks Dave! Yeah… it is decent work. The more I look at it, now that I know what it’s about, I see a depth of meaning. This is why I decided to use it.

    1. Thanks sweetie! I do enjoy taking pics of art outdoors.
      Mercedes. LOL!
      John, I don’t need a vehicle where I live. I walk almost everywhere I want to go. We have the best village style shopping here. The food shops are deelishus! And, the fresh food is half the price of chain grocers. Bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques of all sorts, hair dressers, nail salons, doctors, dentists, hospital, florist, a fortune teller, a gym, boxing club are all at the denizens fingertips.
      There are not many places like this anymore.
      HOWEVER, if I did have a Mercedes, I’d sell it! With the supply chain issues, I could sell it for the price of 1.5 Mercedes.

        1. Agree! It’s fab here, a real mix. One situation though, is there is a mental health centre about a mile along Queen.
          Once in awhile someone “escapes” the system. Annoying at times, but mostly sad.
          Interesting is that they just keep walking along Queen, until they hit the Queensway, where the street opens up to a highway.
          They just stop there. I don’t know where they go after that.
          They never seem to turn a corner that leads to the Village Shopping area. Two worlds, and never the twain meet.

    1. Agree! Her pensive face represents the brain issues that they deal with. I think anyway, and the plant represents the natural approach they use.
      I wonder if the mural in Philadelphia is the same society? It is an American society/company.

    1. Thanks JMR!
      Have you been working on paintings, and posting? I’m going over to your blog to see.
      I’ve been really bad with email, lately. I’m blaming doing taxes! xoxo

      1. I understand just finished mine yesterday..painting quite a bit these days, not all day long but a few hours daily…I am late on posting, lots of drafts (posts not beer..) at least I will have a few posts on deck when I decide to get going on this..:)

    1. Thank you, Diana!
      Yeah, I had to have it in my collection. It’s at least an ad for an interesting proposition, as opposed to a huge commercial enterprise. ❦❦❦

  2. That’s a lovely ad and I particularly love your shot with the tree branches. It just becomes so much more interesting and meaningful.
    Love and hugs your way
    you guessed it…
    Get ready:
    Slobbery kisses

    1. Marina,
      I was wondering if someone would notice the arty branches shot. Thank you! Yes, the branches were in the way, but I found an angle where it all seemed to work together.
      xo 🧽🧽🐾😘💗xo 🧽🧽🐾😘💗xo 🧽🧽🐾😘💗xo 🧽🧽🐾😘💗xo 🧽🧽🐾😘💗xo 🧽🧽🐾😘💗

  3. Lucy in the Sky with Dandelion-greens or something… I wouldn’t call them kaleidoscope eyes, but they are very hypnotic. Groovy mural, even if it is commercial (is something advertising a society that takes medicinal magic mushrooms all that commercial?). I really like it.

    1. Agree on both comments. It is a groovy mural, and “a society that takes medicinal magic mushrooms” is not really very commercial.
      Thanks Trent. Great comment! x

  4. I can understand why you decided to keep her and share her. It is a fabulous face, indeed. I keep hearing more and more good things about mushrooms… the psychedelic kind, of course… for treatment of all sorts of things.

    1. Thanks, it is a great face. Yes, magic mushrooms seem to be gaining almost as much popularity as pot.
      I remember doing Psilocybin mushrooms in my youth ( a few times).
      We laughed our guts out! I laughed for days. Hysterical. I renamed them Sillycybin Mushrooms.
      Ah, that was then, this is now! xo ⚡️💥

        1. You know, Thunder, with all the numerous & hideous side effects commercial medicines offer with their maybe cure… mostly just relief and maintenance ….. I will try a natural alternative if possible, if and when the time comes. xo

            1. I know that one. The Ida and Pingala… So much to say here, but in one nose, out the other. Stimulating the side of your brain that needs more. Left and right, feminine & masculine, creative & physical. xoxo

              1. No, actually. I am reading the one by James Nestor. However, there are so many breathing techniques out there 🙂 And yes, he does speak about the right nostril stimulating energy, helping digestions and the left nostril bringing it down a notch.

  5. She certainly looks as if she’s on something. 🙂 But it’s a beautiful piece of art, whether strictly speaking street are. Years ago when friends and I were visiting Jamaica, we were offered magic mushrooms (as well as ganga). I stuck with Red Stripe beer. 🙂

    1. Well, she is “on” a wall. That’s something. lol
      Just being cheeky.
      Never drank a Red Stripe. Beer is not my thing. Just red wine. That’s it!
      Although, a puff of the green once in a while is okay by me. Smoking is a hard thing to do. I hate coughing.

      1. I don’t care for smoking of any sort. Tried a cigarette once in grade school and coughed like a mad fiend. Plus it makes the smoker and everyone/thing around smell like an ashtray which is definitely yucky to me. I wouldn’t drink Red Stripe anymore either probably as dark beer is my beer tipple these days and I do love a good red as well (but not at the same time of course.) 🙂

        1. Lol! Beer and wine at the same time sounds like high school weekends down by the river.
          No cigarette smoking around here. You are right about the ashtray smell. There are mostly public places where people cannot smoke. However, you can sure tell when a smoker enters.

          1. It’s like an aura around them. My good friend when I started teaching was a smoker and while I didn’t allow smoking in my car or apartment, she brought the scent with her and her car reeked! I always remember a male friend saying that kissing a girl who smoked was like kissing an ashtray. If that’s not enough to make you quit…

  6. Hi Resa, interesting technique for a display and again a beautiful image – just a shame that the corporations of the world are now using “Product Placement” ads in the world of street art (haven’t they got enough billboards?)

    1. Agree! I don’t photograph those works of ads. Sometimes I recognize the work of a particular street artist, who has painted the ad. Though like I said, I don’t take pics, but I also am happy they are making a few $$$$.
      We all have to eat.

      1. Oh I don’t mind so much if it is an official collaboration and the artist is rewarded, I was referring to when a company tries recreating the street art style and plastering their logo on. If it is done properly colabs can be cool.

    1. Yeah, I think so. It’s interesting to myself what I end up posting. I have scads of street art in my files. Still, I always want more.

  7. You are a “mural whisperer” Resa. Loved this capture, especially the one with the tree branches in the foreground. The follow-up discussion was also a great way to begin my day. What was most fascinating to me was the connection of a beautiful face with the flow of nature and how this brought me back to the mural over and over. (My third time to the post). I did some research and found that from a scientific perspective, certain brain centers actually reward us with pleasurable brain responses when we look upon a beautiful face. Then I read further and found that who we find attractive is most strongly influenced by our life experiences. I continue to learn and learn, Resa. Thank you for a most elegant post and life-affirming discussion.

    1. Rebecca,
      I am quite happy I posted this. It’s a bit out of the “street art” box, but isn’t thinking out of the box important?
      This post has produced some fab discussion.
      I adore that you are intrigued by this, and MANY other things. Then, you do your homework! I expect nothing less from an Art Director!

    2. ‘Then I read further and found that who we find attractive is most strongly influenced by our life experiences.’ I nif that is because in some shape or form we share these and are drawn by that fact. xxxxx

      1. sorry my net signal is going big time here. it should have read. ‘Then I read further and found that who we find attractive is most strongly influenced by our life experiences.’ I WONDER if that is because in some shape or form we share these and are drawn by that fact. xxxxx ( Ps Just about ready to scream re the signal here x)

  8. I love that the company really thought about the design and how it reflects their brand. Smart! Like you, I had to look a few times to see the brick and windows.

  9. Hi Resa, I really love this painting. The face is beautiful. I have never through about the difference between real street art and fake street art but then I’ve not seen a mural locally that is an advertisement. The adverts are usually on electronic boards on the side of major roads.

    1. Ahh, well in Toronto street art is exceptionally popular. You’ll find (fake) street art being used for sneaker ads, cheap fashion, music artists… and other trendy mostly youth based product.

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