Pink Piece

This Pink Piece is on the S. Side of the N. Alley on Queen St. W. – W. of Ossington.

Pink #1

It’s wedged between other bits, pieces and tags.

Pink #2

It’s so cute, I must document it.

Pink #3

It has a skull and everything!

Pink #4

Signed “Bubble Gum”

Pink #6

So Sweet, and…

Pink #7

.. did I mention it had a Skull?

Pink #8

Pic taken by Resa, on December 29, 2013

Toronto, Canada

8 thoughts on “Pink Piece

      1. Resa, this artist is SO cool!!! Can you imagine just being that free and painting a wall like that? And then just walking away leaving beauty behind. Bubble Gum. I love it just LOVE IT!!! We all can learn from this person, to be free just to make our majick wherever we are! To heck with what this world thinks!!! xxoo, Amy

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