The Christie Pitts Mural – Part 2.

Octo #1

Although side 2 of the mural has a consistent coloration (mostly), it really is 4 smaller murals. The first one I call Octopus.

Octo #1b

 This mural is painted by the “LOFT CREW” including past and current LOFT artists, including Javid, Logan Miller, Brandon Ing, Mediah and Eli Masek-Kelly

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Love the way the tentacles turn into graf writing.!

Octo #7

Pics taken by Resa, on May 7, 2014

Toronto, Canada

8 thoughts on “Octopus

  1. it must be a she, because I often have heard “she has her tentacles in me ”

    I’m thinking you have the makings of a book here – intrepid adventurer 🙂

    1. You might be right about the she-octopus! 😎
      Bill, you might be onto something about my graf adventures.
      I saw a couple of shots of a mural in Lockport, Manitoba. I’m absolutely sick it’s not in my collection!

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