Chinatown Interlude

In a Chinatown alley just off Dundas W. by Spadina…

CHTown #3
Artist: Fario

… is the Interlude.

CHTown #4
Artist: Fario

From an Emperor …

CHTown #14
Artist: Fario

.. To a Pig Thing …

CHTown #15
Artist: Fario

.. and a Monkey King ..

CHTown #14b
Artist: Fario

Though bereft of mortar,

CHTown #7
Artist: Fario

This half of a mural sings.

CHTown #13
Artist: Fario

Pics taken by Resa, May 16, 2015

Toronto, Canada

Here is a YouTube link of a clip of the artist Fario painting this mural.

Above is only half the mural. The pic below is a 1 off shot between halves.

CHTown #4b

Closer on the Empreror & horse

CHTown #1

20 thoughts on “Chinatown Interlude

  1. This is exceptional Resa, truly a stunning piece of artistry. The details are fabulous, can only imagine how long it took for the mural to be painted.

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