305 Bank Street – side wall of the oldest bike store in Ottawa, Canada.

Bike #1

I love Ottawa, and I love my blog pals. Many of you are bicycling enthusiasts. So if you visit Ottawa check out Foster’s Ottawa’s oldest bike shop.

Bike #2

Bike #3

Bike #4

Bike #5

Bike #6

Bike #7

Bike #8

Special Thanks to my Assistant Designer “Zena” (and her puppy) who drove me hither and yon to collect outdoor art.

Bike #10

Pics taken by Resa on October 13, 2013

Ottawa, Canada

16 thoughts on “Bicycles

    1. 😉 It’s his cute purple leash strap!
      His mommy is a girl. He is a Boxer.
      Boxers always look angry or sad, especially when their leash looks like purple pants. “lol, lol” 🙂 🙂

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