Prairie Girl

I climbed a fire escape, hoisted myself up to a roof next door,  deeked electrical wires & crossed 2 flat roofs.

Prairie Girl #1

She’s not perfect, but she’s worth the risk! I cannot believe I did this w/o Sherrie. I was dizzy the entire time.

Prairie Girl #2

Prairie Girl #3

She’s part of a graf mural, the best part.

Prairie Girl #4

It’s by Birdo and Wales. I guess she’s more Wales, but who knows because Birdo paints faces.  I’ve just never seen a Birdo  girl’s face except in Welcome to the Alley , which is Birdo and Wales, again.

Prairie Girl #5

Prairie Girl #5b

Fill in the blanks.. SE…

Prairie Girl #6

I’ll finish the insanity next post.

Prairie Girl #7

Pics taken by Resa – October 6, 2014

Toronto, Canada

22 thoughts on “Prairie Girl

    1. Thank you, Bill!! … Like I am the artist (lol), but I did take some risk shooting on a rooftop.
      It’s so exciting!
      I just know you are going to get at least 1 good mural in Philly!

    1. No probs! You should see all the high up graf that appeared this summer. Short of walking around with a ladder, I’d like to try and get up on more roofs!

    1. “lol” Oh Daniel, it was a lot of fun. Although, I should really have a spotter when I do stunts like this. 🙂 Sherrie is my “go to gal” for these things, but she’s in a different city right now. 🙂 I can barely wait for us to be muralling together again.

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