Cheech & Chong

Alley north of Queen W. near Dovercourt Road

Artist: Motel
Artist: Motel

I never ever expected to find a tie-dyed Cheech & Chong  graf mural. “HIPPY TRIPPY” may be the official title.

Artist: Motel
Artist: Motel

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Artist: Motel
Artist: Motel
Artist: Motel
Artist: Motel

Pics taken by Resa, on June 21, 2014

Toronto, Canada

20 thoughts on “Cheech & Chong

    1. I see a bit of smoke, but agree there should be more, After all, it’s what they are best known for. “lol” 😎
      Who knows what I’ll find next!

    1. Thank you, Aquileana!
      Although I don’t have the time or perspicacity to do acceptance posts, I thank you immensely because you have thought of me.
      Your kindness is a wonderful thing.
      Also, I must say, your blog is quite unique and very teaching.
      I think what you are doing is currently important, although it is ancient at the same time.
      Much thanks, appreciation and admiration…Resa xoxo

        1. OMG! You are so lovely!
          Keep teaching!
          I look forward to your next post.
          Here, in Canada, we are having a National Holiday this weekend.It is Canada’s Birthday.

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