Eye on the Girls

The Christie Pitts Mural – Part 5. The Finale

CPGirls #1

It seems the Octopus’ tentacles reappear in this segment. (I thought they were bubbles, until I looked at my own pics.)

CPGirlsSS #4

CPGirlsSS #3

Here’s the EYE!

CPGirls #2b

An attempt to show how long the murals is – Parts 2 through 5.


 This mural is painted by the “LOFT CREW” including past and current LOFT artists, including Javid, Logan Miller, Brandon Ing, Mediah and Eli Masek-Kelly

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Looks like she’s saying something graphic. It was odd to see the black sketching after the previously adhered to color scheme. I like it.

CPGirls #4

Pics taken by Resa, on May 7, 2014

Toronto, Canada

14 thoughts on “Eye on the Girls

    1. I’m so glad you are finding the power in them that I find.
      I found a rose on a garage door, and I thought of you. Actually, I think of you quite often when I find flower graf.
      I’ll post the rose tomorrow! xx Resa

      1. OH, good, Resa, I’ll be looking forward to seeing it. This graffiti art is mind blowing. I can only imagine what it actually feels like standing in front of it. Love, Amy

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