Body Sugar

This is all that is left of a Mural that once covered the front and side indent of a building at 835 Corydon Avenue.


Artist: Mike Johnston
Artist: Mike Johnston

It is occupied bAdvanced Body Sugaring, a business that removes body hair with sugar. They have retained only the side indent painting. 

Artist: Mike Johnston
Artist: Mike Johnston

Shot taken by Resa, on October 11, 2012

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Murals of Winnipeg

8 thoughts on “Body Sugar

  1. Canada has such cool city art. The last time I traveled there I wandered the streets of Toronto searching and found myself pleasantly surprised to see so many urban artist.
    I find though it is a comfort that my local police keep the streets clean it is a disappointment to my visual eyes. Plain shades of beige paint on most exterior walls becomes a coffin after a while.

  2. This is such a ‘sweet’ artwork, Resa… 😉

    Many years ago a young lass from Lebanon removed some hair from my arm with a sugar and lemon concoction. She melted the sugar, added the lemon and worked it until it became gooey and sticky. I had to stop her; she wanted to do my entire body… eek.. 😉

    1. EEEEK! 🙂 Well, let’s think other hair removal experts in the sugar category (or others) are more personally discerning.
      If anyone tried to touch my head hair … well … I love my long hair and like YELPO… Love you darling ahhh xoxoxoxoxo 🙂

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