Neil Young

Celebrating the music of Canadian born Neil Young….

Artist: Charlie Jonston
Artist: Charlie Johnston

….and Manitoban’s love of the great outdoors and camping …

Artist: Charlie Johnston

,,, this a-tonal mural on heavy stucco rocks the free world.

Artist: Charlie Johnston
Artist: Charlie Johnston
Artist: Charlie Johnston
Artist: Charlie Johnston

Much wider than the scope of my camera, & a power box interfering w/my angled wide shots. I present the extreme left of the mural in pieces, right to left.

Artist: Charlie Johnston
Artist: Charlie Johnston
Artist: Charlie Johnston

Pics taken by Resa – October 29, 2016

Winnipeg, Cananda

The Artist


Artist: Charlie Johnston

22 thoughts on “Neil Young

    1. Howdy! i just came from your blog. I’m following in my reader. I tried to like a post, but a giant banner wanting my email prevented me from liking.

      1. Haha…i m really not aware of half the settings on my blog..sorry for that…though I interact with my fellow blogger buds quite easily ..must be something with the server thing…but anyway thanks so much for bothering so much an visiting my site. You are such a darling

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