Adventures in Graf 9 w/Sherrie


Is this gorgeous or what?

 The gate was not locked, and there was no dog house so Sherrie & I just went into this amazing graf filled warehouse lot (not posted, yet). This SPUD was a bonus as we looked down to the tracks.

Spud #1

Spud #2

Spud #3

Spud #4

Spud #5

Pic taken by Resa, on November  15, 2013.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

7 thoughts on “Adventures in Graf 9 w/Sherrie

  1. Love these photos, although I see what you mean about the iPhone camera limitations. When viewing the pics on a phone though they actually look ok. It’s only when you zoom in on view them on a bigger screen that you start noticing other things.

    iPhone or no iPhone, you’re definitely doing something right as I had no idea until you told me 🙂

    1. Thank you!
      I believe it is because of love of the subject matter.
      I’ve always appreciated art, but when I discovered Street Art, I came to love art. 😎
      I think I take good pics of what I love.
      I take pics of my art, too.
      I design Art Gowns… you can’t wear them, only adore them. I build them, name them, shoot and then dismantle them.

      1. Wow. There’s no doubting your talent when it comes to creativity. After spending time constructing a piece, don’t you become kind of attached to it then have trouble dismantling it again? I know I would. Lol

        I can see your looking to turn it into a business, so wish you the very best of luck with that. From my limited knowledge it seems fairly niche, so finding that opportunity could go really well for you.

        I’m also into art. I collect mainly contemporary pieces with street art twist. Some of my favs being Slinkachu ‘I can’t actually graffiti’, Jamie Hewlett ‘The Hick’, Tom Lewis ‘Megan in the city’ and Nick Walker ‘Vandal Triptych’ (<–which is also the first print I ever bought) 🙂

        I've always wanted a graffiti print, but kind of feel as if graffiti looks better in it's 'natural state', not framed and hung on a wall.

        That being said my main passion is music in it's many forms.

        1. I actually have no problem with dismantling my Art Gowns. It helps keep them “art”. I don’t want them to be clothes. Most don’t understand this concept I’ve come up with.
          I’ve been saving wine corks to recycle somehow into an Art Gown. 😉
          Meantime, I’ll keep designing costumes for film & tv.

          Music is well worth being passionate about.
          Believe me, if had the talent I would have been a musician.
          Take care, and enjoy your prints and esp. the music! 😎 🙂

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