Snow Flower Flakes

It’s actually on the street.. the sidewalk to be exact!


There is a 3 block strip of Bloor W. where someone is painting art…. right on the cement!


Of course they get messed up fast with gum, foot guck & other stuff too, icky to mention.

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You can’t get more street art than this. LOL

Pics taken by Resa, December 5, 2015

Toronto, Canada

17 thoughts on “Snow Flower Flakes

  1. They are so beautiful! On the ‘icky’ stuff, it just goes to show how people tend to walk without really looking around. Hopefully, now you photographed them, more people may respect them! 😉

  2. Gray Dawster

    If only people would use
    litter bins for their discarded
    waste, then everyone could
    appreciate the time and great
    effort of this fine artist, and
    not have to tread through a
    minefield of sticky bits and
    yucky pieces… LOL 🙂

    I like the true invention of this artist 🙂

    Andro xxx

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