Shalak & Uber 5K Wall

A new wall  in Graffiti Alley

Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak

It’s a very narrow lane, I’m not sure many vehicles could make it through without scarring the art.

Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak

I couldn’t get back enough for a wide shot, so it’s a several part post to see all of the art.

Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak

I’m starting at the left piece. It’s by Shalak.

Shalak10 #4

You can see part of the 2nd piece, which is another post.

Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak

Pics taken by Resa, September 25, 2015

Toronto, Canada

Artist’s Signature

Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak

Shalak10 #6

13 thoughts on “Shalak & Uber 5K Wall

    1. I’m so happy about finding this piece! It was found on a 3 hour walk.
      I went for a 5 hour walk today in the alleys. I found a few new pieces…. but there is 1 that is very amazing, a female guitar player.
      I might be crazy, but I love this Street Art happening!

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