The Red Rocket Retires

Sherrie called her Bessie, & she was the sweetest red Tiburon, ever!

Betsy #1

Others called her Cherry Bomb & Ruby Red, but when it was time for Sherrie & I to go out muralling, she was the “Red Rocket”.

Bessie #6

Bessie saw more street art & murals in a few years than most humans see in a lifetime.

Bessie #4

One of her tires took a massive nail for us on an early mural hunt.

Artist(s): Rodrigo Pradel, Brian Gasenzer (all unsigned)

Sherrie often stole pics of me at work in the Rocket’s rear view mirror.

Photo © Sherrie Yager
Photo © Sherrie Yager

We surely miss her! Thank you, Bessie!

Bessie #3

All but 1 Pic taken by Resa 2012 -2014

Winnipeg, Manitoba


14 thoughts on “The Red Rocket Retires

  1. She and Sherrie are dolls. You three rock!
    I did notice the yellow boxter convertible parked next to Bessie. It is unusual to see a yellow boxter.
    Just mentioning it, since I have a grey one. Yellow ones are unusual. Sometimes I think I love cars way too much. So let me send my respects to the rocket, oh…..and you of course.

    1. Thank you Cindy! I didn’t part with her by choice – the person who took a crowbar to her made the choice for me. Some people can be so rotten. The only thing that would ease my sorrow is having that boxter instead lol.

      We will have to take our other car mauralling – the Silver Surfer. She’s no Bessie but we’ll make it work 😉

      Thanks for all the fond memories Auntie Resa….love, love love xoxo

        1. Ralph, Winnipeg has the highest violent crime rate in Canada.
          When Sherrie & I go muralling, she stays in the Rocket very close to me with the motor running.
          We have had a few narrow escapes! xoxo ❤

            1. I will be careful, dear Ralph, & Please do not worry! I’m doing something I love to do.
              Toronto, where I am usually alone, is safer than Winnipeg. In Winnipeg I am always with Sherrie.
              Hope you are having a wonderful break!
              Much Love, Resa xxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    2. Cindy,
      I’d love to go muralling in a yellow Boxter, but to be honest…. yellow’s not my color. I would have to wear all black, but I don’t have the proper colored sneakers and accessories .
      Sherrie’s blonde, so just naturally looks good in yellow.
      You must love driving your Boxter!!

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