Brick, Butterflies & Flowers

South of Bloor and Ossington, I thought “I”ll just peek into this alley”.

Flowins #1

I got that neat feeling….  I’ve discovered something.

Flowins #2

I think it’s an Urban version of things rooted in the beauty of nature.

Flowins #3

Slideshow of out-takes. This mural was either painted by “Tokyo” or merely tagged “Tokyo”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Flowins #10

IPhone panorama.

Flowins #13

Pic taken by Resa, on May 7, 2014

Toronto, Canada

13 thoughts on “Brick, Butterflies & Flowers

  1. WOW!! Love, love, love this one. Definitely on the top of my fav list. I really wish I was with you when you found it. Must have been so exciting?

    Bravo…I bow to the Graf Queen. Even throwing in a curtesy.

    1. It was very exciting, and you are always with me!
      Yes,I know you weren’t actually there… but I really do want you with me all the time!
      It’s not the same w/o you! 😎

  2. This is so amazing – I’m really drawn to this one. The colors blend so well with the actual colors of the building and the subject matter is calming to me. I would love to see this out my window any day!

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