Chinatown Two

Here’s the center part of the Mural.

China2 #1b

I still don’t know who’s the artist.

China2 #2

Baby Face

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China2 #7

China2 #8

China2 #9

Pics taken by Resa, on March 3o, 2014

Toronto, Canada

16 thoughts on “Chinatown Two

    1. Yes! It was fabulous. 🙂 It went up to +6c and was sunny!
      I walked for 2 hours taking pics…Oh I shot some amazing pieces! Oh, Le Drake, I shot a “Nunca” Mural! 🙂
      I was so happy, I went and got my roots touched up! 😎

        1. YES, in Toronto! 🙂 🙂 Although there’s a blizzard in Winnipeg as I write this. That makes me crazy because I have to go there soon to see Sherrie. Brrrrr

    1. I agree about the colors. I am especially enamored by all of the many colors and shades in the child’s face. It reminds me of what a director once told me when we were working on a production that took place in the 1800’s.
      “If it looks right and feels right, it’s right, even if it’s wrong”!

    1. It’s a gorgeous one for sure! I spotted a piece of it from a streetcar last year, but only had time to return recently.
      I had no idea how fabulous it is until I was standing there! 🙂 xo

    1. Thanks , Cindy! It is quite a special piece. It seems the art gets better and better. Although I still find a lot of joy in some of the smaller pieces and newer, less developed artists. 😉 🙂

    1. Powerful is an excellent word for this mural.
      Cincinnati has murals! How wonderful, and how lovely to be thought of when you see one.
      Are they just amazing?

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