Greek Myths & Graffiti Murals – Collaboration with Aquileana

Could this be  KHOLKIKOS, the serpent dragon? According to Aquileana from La Audacia de Aquiles, yes.

I agree, and this could be HELIOS aka APOLLO,

… with one of his 4 sun chariot horses.

Pic blows up beautifully

Thinking I’d struck myth gold with this mural found at the University of Toronto, I sent pics to Aquileana, who had found murals about myths, as well. So was born our Greek Mythology/ Graffiti Murals Collaboration.

He really does look like the sun! His sister Artemis aka Selene looks on.

I am presenting the mural from left to right.

Click on Pic to see the full glory of the mural

Next in the mural, there is a man behind a wolf.

I thought this would be the Olympic boxer Damarchus, who is also Lycanthropeis or the first werewolf.

It seems this couple is waving to us. I hope they don’t get fleeced by KHOLKIKOS. Hmm, did the ancients have high-rise cityscapes?

I’m not sure why the woman has 3 arms. Aquileana presented some insight. There is unity, divinity and the fact that 3 is both a lunar and solar number.

I see this in the artistic rendering that Aquileana did to a section of the mural. I see the woman’s third arm warming up the man’s inner soul. It’s very clever. Art begets art.

Behind the couple is MANTICORE. He is a lion’s body with a man’s head, and lion’s mane. Sounds a bit Sphynx-like  as well.

Although he looks like a sweetie in this mural, don’t be fooled. Manticore was known to be deadly vicious.

I’m really excited to read Aquileana’s post. She is much more detailed. I have learned a lot about Greek Mythology from reading her blog. Otherwise, I would have thought this mural was just another pretty picture!

Pics taken by Resa – March 17 & April 9, 2017

Toronto, Canada

As I am a mural glutton, I thought I would tease you all with a sneak peak of what Aquileana found at the The Galileo Galilei planetarium, aka Planetario in Buenos Aires. All photos are © Amalia Piedmont.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Aquileana is an Uber Blogger hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She’s smart as a whip & I always have to read her posts 2 or 3 times. This is because I want to completely absorb all she has taken so much time to share with us. Follow Aquileana on Twitter. Click on the Bird & check out her page.

Click on this sentence and go to Aquileana’s post on our  collaboration on Greek Myths and Graffiti Murals.


I tried very hard to find out who the artist is, and how old the mural is. I had no luck.

Three weeks later, I returned to the U of T tunnel  to scour the mural for a signature or date, to no avail.

I found an image on-line taken in 2008. It was showing a bit of wear back then. I’m estimating that from the wear I see in the pic I took below that it is 15 years old, maybe more.

Blows up nicely!

Although the ancient Greeks had sundials, this modern U of T model was of no help, as I have no idea how to read it.

44 thoughts on “Greek Myths & Graffiti Murals – Collaboration with Aquileana

    1. It is yet another unique departure from the world of Street Art we have come to know. Of course, it is expected, being on the U of T grounds.

  1. Wonderful! The U of T –>> so cool that it’s there 🙂 I love how you two came together to share art and mythology, all with a focus on informing us as readers! HUGE hugs to you both. A successful venture by all. The mural itself has amazing detail.

    1. Hello Christy!
      Yes, it was a serendipitous event, with both of us finding myth murals. 😀
      The U of T downtown campus is a stunner. Although they have added new buildings over the years, they have managed not to ruin the overall architectural look and feeling of the original Victorian campus. Newer buildings are by and large in other areas outside of the Hart House and King’s College circle campus.
      It is a wonderful place to go for a walk on a Sunday.
      I sent pics to Aqui, and I think she’s going to use them. I’m very excited for her part on Monday!
      Hope you are having a wonderful long weekend, whatever you are up to! xoxo ❤

    1. I’m so glad I went for a walk on the U of T grounds. This mural is a bit long in the tooth, but still great enough to share. 😀 Oh, and I found Tot’s Cat Cafe, that day!

  2. Hello dearest Resa!!!! ❤ I am loving the post…. The graffitis from UT, alongside those ones from the Planetarium: the eclecticism of art it is, right?! 😀 Excellent presentation and analysis, and such a wonderful experience to team up with you, my friend. As always! 😉 Thank you for everything… Much love & best wishes. Happy Easter!. ❤

    1. Dearest Aquileana,
      I’ve had such a great time working on this with you. ❤
      Yes, the art you and I have found is an eclectic collection. More, it is an electric collaboration. 😀
      I'm so thrilled you like the presentation, and analysis. I feel so smart. 😀
      Wishing you a Happy Easter, and I am very, very excited to see your follow up post on Monday. YAY! ❤

      1. You are amazing & so special, my friend. I enjoyed all our collaborations. You are someone I am absolutely grateful to know ❤ Oh yes, my post will be out on Monday!. Much love and Happy Easter, dear Resa! … Hugs!

  3. I see that Artemis was in desperate need of your Art Gown dear Resa. She looks frozen ! 😉
    Nice to see you and Amalia collaborating again. The A-Team ! 🙂
    Happy Easter ! Love Ralph xoxoxo ❤

    1. Happy Easter, Ralph! ❤
      Lol, well with any luck, Artemis, the Art Gown will go on a real model tonight! 😀
      Aww, The A Team.. that's so nice! There's nothing higher, I guess.
      Lol! Just kidding. _Resa xoxo <#

      1. Thank you my friend 🙂
        I am so looking forward in seeing the results of tonight’s photoshoot. I bet it will have the wow factor !
        Yes, higher ! I’ll promote you both to the A+ Team 🙂 xoxox ❤

  4. I’m wondering if anyone associated with the UofT may have some knowledge regarding the artist, date, etc! It seems such a pity to have so much myth/history presented, but without those details. He/she/they certainly deserve more recognition. It was, obviously, a labour of love… 🙂
    Great observations, Resa, and I’ll look forward to Aquileana’s post; they are always a delight too… ❤

    1. I missed this comment!
      I tried somewhat with the U of T channels. There seems only data on interior murals. I will keep the investigation alive! ❤ xoxoxox

      1. 🙂 Brought a smile to you. 🙂

        by the way, got something posted. However, beware its a puzzle poetic solver. Remember, only you can see the obvious but don’t be fooled once or twice by what is hidden behind the words themselves. 🙂 Good luck. 🙂

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  6. theburningheart

    Great collaboration between you, and Aquileana, I commented on her post that Mythology it’s well, and alive in the souls of contemporary men.
    Something little understood by our rational oriented age, it’s the need for meaning provided by the Myths.

    Congratulations! 🙂

    1. I’ve asked around… but I haven’t tried the Classics Dept. It seems different faculties have indoor murals, but each does it’s own. There is no centralization for the painting of murals. I won’t give up the farm! 😀 xo

        1. No one stopped traffic for me. As usual i had to fend for myself! It was good that I went back on a Sunday. There was not a lot of traffic, and I was able to take a few calculated risks.
          AND on the way home (walking) I found a Cat Cafe!!! It was fab!

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