Greek Myths & Graffiti Murals – Collaboration with Aquileana

Could this be  KHOLKIKOS, the serpent dragon? According to Aquileana from La Audacia de Aquiles, yes.

I agree, and this could be HELIOS aka APOLLO,

… with one of his 4 sun chariot horses.

Pic blows up beautifully

Thinking I’d struck myth gold with this mural found at the University of Toronto, I sent pics to Aquileana, who had found murals about myths, as well. So was born our Greek Mythology/ Graffiti Murals Collaboration.

He really does look like the sun! His sister Artemis aka Selene looks on.

I am presenting the mural from left to right.

Click on Pic to see the full glory of the mural

Next in the mural, there is a man behind a wolf.

I thought this would be the Olympic boxer Damarchus, who is also Lycanthropeis or the first werewolf.

It seems this couple is waving to us. I hope they don’t get fleeced by KHOLKIKOS. Hmm, did the ancients have high-rise cityscapes?

I’m not sure why the woman has 3 arms. Aquileana presented some insight. There is unity, divinity and the fact that 3 is both a lunar and solar number.

I see this in the artistic rendering that Aquileana did to a section of the mural. I see the woman’s third arm warming up the man’s inner soul. It’s very clever. Art begets art.

Behind the couple is MANTICORE. He is a lion’s body with a man’s head, and lion’s mane. Sounds a bit Sphynx-like  as well.

Although he looks like a sweetie in this mural, don’t be fooled. Manticore was known to be deadly vicious.

I’m really excited to read Aquileana’s post. She is much more detailed. I have learned a lot about Greek Mythology from reading her blog. Otherwise, I would have thought this mural was just another pretty picture!

Pics taken by Resa – March 17 & April 9, 2017

Toronto, Canada

As I am a mural glutton, I thought I would tease you all with a sneak peak of what Aquileana found at the The Galileo Galilei planetarium, aka Planetario in Buenos Aires. All photos are © Amalia Piedmont.

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Aquileana is an Uber Blogger hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She’s smart as a whip & I always have to read her posts 2 or 3 times. This is because I want to completely absorb all she has taken so much time to share with us. Follow Aquileana on Twitter. Click on the Bird & check out her page.

Click on this sentence and go to Aquileana’s post on our  collaboration on Greek Myths and Graffiti Murals.


I tried very hard to find out who the artist is, and how old the mural is. I had no luck.

Three weeks later, I returned to the U of T tunnel  to scour the mural for a signature or date, to no avail.

I found an image on-line taken in 2008. It was showing a bit of wear back then. I’m estimating that from the wear I see in the pic I took below that it is 15 years old, maybe more.

Blows up nicely!

Although the ancient Greeks had sundials, this modern U of T model was of no help, as I have no idea how to read it.