Birds of a Feather

Street artists like to paint walls, so they found 2 in Cambridge.

Artist: BirdO

They finished down by the river, then did group pieces on the walls they found.

Artist: Shalak Attack

Love the humor here!



Artist: Bruno Smoky

When I departed, Sath was just about to add his contribution, as was Tensoe2.

Artist: Sath

As I never saw the finished piece, I’m posting these 2 close ups of Sath’s river piece. It is gorgeous!

Artist: Sath

  So far next years festival is planned for the 11th & 12th of August.

Below, Shalak is painting her part of the other wall I did not get to see finished.

Artist: Shalak Attack
Artist: Dave Bonzai
Artist: Odeith

Here we see: l-r – Mediah, Tensoe2, Shalak, Odeith, Smoky & Dave Bonzai. Blow it up to see them better!


If not for a day of rain, I would have gotten to see the 2 wall pieces finished.

Chalk Artist Unknown to me. Will update
Chalk Artist Unknown to me. Will update

 Next year will be awesome, I’m sure! August 11 & 12, 2017.

Pics take by Resa  – August 13 & 14, 2016

Cambridge, Ontario

Csf1 #9

Also, Angels’ kisses & many Thank You’s to Brian Price & Linda Daniher- Festival Organizers

& big thank you’s to all the Official Sponsors of the first


Csf1 #10
Artist: Shalak Attack

23 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

    1. Thank you, Ste J! I noted that artists used pipes to define areas as well! Anyway, now to get some of my new finds & guest posts caught up. LOL In a way this festival has been my “The Wire”.

    1. Well, it rained the first day, so I understand. Nonetheless, watching them paint at once on 1 mural was a great treat.
      Lol, I think Sath is filled with colorful dots.

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