MEDIAH ‘s artwork got tagged w/a racist slur in my previous post.

Artist: Mediah
Artist: MEDIAH

I thought you might enjoy a more pristine view of his work.

Artist: Mediah
Artist: MEDIAH

I found this power box on Dundas W. near Lansdowne.

Artist: Mediah
Artist: MEDIAH

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Artist: Mediah
Artist: MEDIAH

If it seems like we paint everything in Toronto, you are somewhat correct.

Artist: Mediah
Artist: MEDIAH

Pics taken by Resa – December 5, 2015

Toronto, Canada

⭐ Thank you, MEDIAH

MEDIAH had some crew help. Thanks CBS!


25 thoughts on “MEDIAH

    1. I adore his style.He has been around painting the streets for at least 10 years. As many street artists, he is now making inroads in the traditional art community.
      We all need to eat!

  1. Thanks for sharing some “un-marred” work. Very talented. I think more paint is better, yes?! We have a large electrical box, about 2-3 times this size, a block from myhouse and over the summer a woman who lives in the neighborhood was allowed to paint a mural on it that relates to the nearby park. The mural includes some iconic sculptures that the neighborhood association had commissioned for the park too, so that’s meta on the art! So cool! Now I walk past this awesome bit of art all the time and I love it. 🙂

  2. Fantastic piece of work! I love that everything is fair game for being turned into an eye catching piece of work. It’s all very exciting to see and is an inspiration for other cities.

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