You Put a Spell on Me

You put a spell on me, now I’m the magic on this wall.

When Torch Singer Rene Rosso saw this captivating wall art, she felt the spell’s magic, and has added the mesmerizing Jay Hawkins song, “I Put a Spell on You” to her repertoire.

One of her fave renditions (of the uber many) is by Joss Stone.

Like the music, the art draws one in.

Rene Rosso and her alter ego Princess Blue Holly, are greatly influenced by Holly – House of Heart

Resa would like Rene Rosso to make the poem – black spell night – by Holly into a sultry Torch Song. Resa has designed the perfect gown (above) to go with it.

Click on the poem, and see the original post!

Pics taken by Resa – July 24, 2019

Toronto, Canada

Rene Rosso Character © Resa McConaghy (w/Holly Rene Hunter)

Rene Rosso artwork © Resa McConaghy – 2019

65 thoughts on “You Put a Spell on Me

    1. Dear Lonely,
      Yes, haunting is the perfect word to describe the woman on the wall. She sure got my imagination going.
      I’m getting more & different art supplies, new brushes and I’m trying this watercolour ink out.
      I need to keep drawing gowns, so I can get better at it.
      I’m gown obsessed!
      Anyway, Holly’s poem is magic, and fits in perfectly.
      My next Art Gown will be dedicated to her. I’ve got a Tango feel in mind.

  1. Timothy Price

    Spell binding. I can imagine Holly singing Black Spell Night in your gown designed for the occasion. These spells reminded me that many years ago we put on a flamenco/mid eastern dance drama called “Spell Bound”. Laurie had the lead role, and I put the music together and played guitar for the show. We performed Spell Bound several nights at one of our local concert halls.

    1. “Spell Bound” sounds neat. Flamenco/mid eastern dance … is that a fusion the 2 of you invented, or is it a sub-genre?
      Honestly, Holly’s poetry is brilliant. I think a lot of it could be worked with music into songs.
      I’m not a musician, so I can’t do it, but I can design the gowns!

      1. Timothy Price

        Hi Resa. Spell Bound was not really fusion. It was more a meeting of two styles of dance and music. Holly’s poetry is fantastic and I agree some great songs could come out of her poems.

  2. Dear Resa, this is fabulous. I adore the wall art, as was mentioned before the expression on the girls face is hauntingly striking. RR is in good form tonight, I think she’s serious about the black spell….you’ve designed some gorgeous gowns for her, but that is what you do! Thank you for weaving my poem “Black Spell Night” into this gorgeous arrangement. You’re fantastic! I do miss Jeep.

    1. Jeep will be back, but not in a gown!
      I’m so happy you like this post. Yes, RR’s gowns are becoming a collection. At a future point, down the road, I’d like to do a “Collection Review” .
      “Black Night Spell” was perfect for this post! I adore it, as I do all of your poetry.
      Keep on writing, and keep on being fantastic, yourself! ❤
      TY for the link from HoH!!! xo

      1. I think a collection review would be spectacular! We are always awed by your amazing ideas, you are truly talented and filled with creativity! Thanks for using “Black Spell NIght” , I agree it’s as though it were written especially for this display that you have so thoughtfully put together. Thanks again and it was my pleasure to share this amazing post of art, design, music, poetry… hope to see Jeep back on the scene soon! ❤ xo

        1. I keep wanting to do Paper Dolls. Again, I’ve come up with another idea that is not a money-maker, but it would be fun. RR would be a fab Paper Doll! ❤ xo
          Jeep has upped her nap time to 21 hours a day, in preparation for her upcoming blog appearances!
          Where would we be without creative expression and outreach. We will do another collaboration! Your poetry, my …whatever! ❦❦❦

            1. LOL! You are in!
              Creativity is not a problem for me, but I need a manager.
              Just realized I need 8X10 drawing paper.
              I use 11X14, then take pics. Paper dolls would have to be scanned to keep the proportions proper. My scanner is 8X10.
              Step 1, draw RR in a tight slip, perfect for putting gowns over. This will be the hardest one, as the legs and feet have to be perfect.

                1. I’ll just chip away at it. xo
                  I won’t be buying anymore art supplies until mid August. That’s when the art shops will be all super stocked up for the new art school/courses season!

    1. Marina! You rock, too! Cecilia Lionheart!!! I’ll be drawing you. I’ve been going through a loosening up period with crazy free art to music, and will be getting back to a more graphic style…. but in a new looser way. (I hope) Jeep is napping…maybe dreaming of Hera.

      1. Awwww, I really look forward to that!!!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗 Hera sends love and kisses to you and Jeepo!!!!! …and so do I! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. The song is a true standard.
      It was great to put the street art, with my art, with Holly’s poem and the song
      All in all, a fab, fun post! 😀 ❦❦❦

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  4. That gown is indeed perfect! As is the poem. “In the calm of dawn I am a periwinkle / at your pillow, / pale petals of desire bending / to what is golden.” Love.

  5. I had no idea Joss Stone was ‘still going’. She has a great voice, and a good guitar solo really hits the spot on a Sunday morning. As ever great captures and art!

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